Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pay Attention to The Health Care Issue

Why are the insurance company folks unhappy? 

Check this out: Daily Kos: Health insurers are not happy

It seems to me insurers could reinstate polities for those of us who had them already.  The original idea behind ACA was to get uninsured folks insured.  The companies should have worked harder to convince Secretary of HHS not to shift on the matter in the first place. But they knew it would be a money maker for them. 

But make sure you do some investigating on your own.  I completed an on-line inquiry about health plans while waiting to meet with a representative from a major provider in FL.  While waiting to meet, I received two calls from other providers offering information on policies I could consider. Within the next two weeks I must have received a half dozen more calls form different  providers all with competitive plans - many better than my current company has offered as a replacement to my current plan. need not work through the exchanges or your old company to get new coverage.