Friday, October 17, 2014

Record number of black candidates seeking office across the country

Record number of black candidates seeking office across the country | Black Politics on the Web

It's exciting to see over 100 African Americans running for public service offices across our country. 

This is the best way for us to reverse some of the many negative trends affecting our community from voter suppression to limits on government and private sector spending with qualified , minority-owned businesses. Recent controversial comments from a Black, female commentator on a FOX News show suggesting Blacks under Obama are "worthless and uneducated" and disgruntled Blacks over the unfortunate shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri calling for Blacks to vote Republic to make a point, are each very challenging to this author and potentially damaging to Black progress.

The best option to exercise self- determination is for African Americans to register to vote, educate ourselves on issues affecting us and publicize our preferences. Additionally we must also field Black candidates for office. And ultimately, we must support all of candidates that adopt our platforms and preferences.  In some instances, the preferred candidate may be an Independent or even in some rare instances, a moderate Republican.  But if we do our due-diligence in reviewing candidates against our community needs lists, we will back the right candidates every time. 

And finally, if or voter turnout is always at least 80%, our candidates of choice can and will win!

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!