Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stay On Top Of Things

We must stay on top of all the positive accomplishments of the Obama Administration and "tell the good news" to everyone we can. That way, the mis-representations and lies told by the opposition can not fool the American people into believing we're on the wrong path.

Below is the bulk of a recent message on health care from the White House.

Back in it to WIN it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Grab Bag of Tired Cliches Won't Get The Job Done

Columnist Thomas Friedman does it again.....a clearly articulated message about the challenges we face as a nation and global community and the inability of some leaders to 'do the right thing'.

He closes his article with a comment about the recent big wins by Republicans.  He states - "I don’t mind if Republicans win with fresh new ideas — but not with a grab bag of tired clich├ęs."

Read the full article at: "I Believe I Can Fly".

Back in it to WIN it!



November 14, 2010

Op-Ed Columnist: I Believe I Can Fly

There's a lot of shortsightedness going around these days. Just look at the Middle East or the G.O.P.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

President Obama Should Hold Tough to His Policies

The recent election wins by the Republicans should be no reason for President Obama to automatically back off his policies that many Americans support and need.  The health care bill helps Americans with pre-existing illnesses secure and keep coverage.  College kids can remain on their parents' policies.  And there are positive adjustments to the infamous 'doughnut hole' challenge.  These and other changes in the education and financial reform legislation, along with multiple tax cuts for small businesses have all helped to get America and many Americans back on track - albeit at a slow pace.  

Republicans succeeded in mis-characterizing many of these accomplishments. The Republican threats to repeal much of these accomplishments spells disaster for American moving forward.  They must be stopped.

The President must stand firm on many fronts and the American people must stand with him. We can not sink back into the hurtful policies of the past which gave private business special interest groups too much power to keep main street Americans down and out while adding significant wealth to those already at the top who, by comparison, need very little help.

Back in it to WIN it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Must Resist Changes in the Heath Care Reform Bill

Don't mistake Tuesday's election outcomes as a repudiation against all the Obama Administration has done, especially not with regard to heath care.  Too much good has already happened and will in the coming months and years all thanks to the bills adopted by this Congress with leadership from President Obama.

We must not let Republicans steal our progress on heath care or other reforms that have not yet had a chance to take firm hold in our economy and lives.  We are adding private sector jobs (albeit modest growth) and have been for several months.  Major banks repaid their TARP loans WITH INTEREST.  The stock market has rebounded from a low in the mid 6,000 to over 11,000.  American auto companies are on sound footing and this past October had their best month in many recent quarters of reporting.  And small businesses have received at least 8-9 tax breaks on this President's watch.  Hardly a track record worth throwing out with the bath water...but then again, I'm not a Republican!

Back in it to WIN it!

Bright Spot in Tuesday's Election

We won and won big on Amendments 5 & 6!

If the League of Women Voters - Florida can hang in there for 30 years on an issue they believe in, then Democrats in Duval County and Florida can do the same when it comes to winning elections.

Back in it to WIN it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pick Ourselves Up, Dust Ourselves Off and Start All Over Again!

We didn't win big like many Duval County Democrats had hoped.  However, overall voter turnout doubled from 24%`to 48%.  A quick review of data on the 256 precincts shows 100 precincts had a turnout of at least 50%.  Another 99 were between 40 - 49 %.  And only 57 were below 40% - and 36 of those were 35% or higher.  Go to the Duval County Supervisor of Elections website to review the details of all election results.

Although Kendrick Meek did not prevail in his US Senate race, he beat Charlie Crist in Duval County.  Additionally, the precincts he won were the lion-share of those won by Alex Sink in her bid to become Florida's next governor.  Sink only managed to win two dozen or so precincts outside the precincts won by Meek.

Disappointed?  Yes.  But not deterred.