Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vote By Mail Rules Change - 2 Cycle Request is Repealed

A recent message from the Florida Democratic County Chairs Association (DCCA) states that the absentee ballot provision that was good for all elections through the next regularly scheduled general elections has been repealed.  The Bill was CS/CS/HS 131.  With this change, the shift may challenge eligibility to receive an absentee ballot for those who who are on their second general election under the prior law.

Please check with your local Supervisor of Elections Office for more information.  and, make sure voters in your DEC Districts and Precincts are aware of the details of the shift.  We can't allow a Vote By Mail rule change to negatively impact our ability to get out the vote! Stay informed and and tell others.

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Close the Loopholes That Favor Hedge Fund Managers

Did you know that the many hedge fund managers at the top hedge funds in the country pay lower taxes than most, fire fighters, teachers and police offices?  And, it appears Congress may be backing away from closing the loopholes that afford this tax-favorable treatment for hedge fund managers.  We must stand-up for the American worker and tell Congress to close the loopholes.

Click below to see a chart showing how outrageous this system is and to get the phone numbers for your members of Congress for Jacksonville, FL so you can tell them it's time to close the loophole.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FL AFL-CIO Supports A New Voice for Tallahassee

US Senate Candidate, Kendrick Meek, was not the only political candidate supported by the AFL-CIO at their convention in Jacksonville last week-end.

On Sunday, Amy Mercado, a hard-working mother, wife and daughter of a union house-hold also walked away with full endorsement from the AFL-CIO.  The FL Education Association endorsed her earlier, on Saturday. She has a growing wind at her back!

Amy is running for the House District 35.  She is challenging the powerful Speaker Designate, Dean Cannon.  A bold, but necessary move.  We need more Democrats to run for elective office in order to balance the power and influence of the Republican Party in the life and livelihood of Florida citizens.  Amy, like US Senate Candidate, Meek and a growing number of Democratic candidates in Duval County, collected enough signatures via petition to be on the ballot.

Visit her website at: and learn more about the candidate and her campaign for changing the face, tone and direction in District 35 and the State of Florida.  As a matter of fact, learn more about all the Democratic candidates for office state-wide. Democrats can win in Florida if we know our candidates and go out and vote!

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Amendment 7 - The Poison Pill Bill Must Go!

The Poison Pill Bill was rightfully opposed by some Florida groups.  It's a "bad day in the neighborhood" when the Republicans leaders in Tallahassee tries to paint lip-stick on this pig...

Democrats must stand with the FL NAACP, FL League of Women Voters and Democracia Ahora and oppose this bill!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Deomcrats Should Vote A Democratic Ticket to Win Florida US Senate Seat

In a May 24 article in Salon, it was suggested that President Obama should consider pushing Kendrick Meek out of the Florida US Senate race in order to support Governor Charlie Crist, who is believed to be able to beat Republican hopeful, Marco Rubio

(Read full Salon article here:

Current polls show Crist with 30 percent, Rubio at 27 and Meek trailing at 15 percent.  However, because Florida Democrats enjoy a 700,000-800,000 registered voter advantage, if Democrats vote Party, they can win.  Also, Kendrick Meek is an appealing candidate to moderate Republicans and many Independents.  His successful petition drive to get on the Florida ballot (he needed over 100,000 signatures) is testament to his growing name recognition, potential state-wide support and personal drive and determination.  In Duval County alone, a long standing Republican stronghold, he collected over 10,000 signatures - twice the number anticipated. Additionally, Meek has been viewed positively by Independents for his advocacy for small class sizes and his opposition to off-shore drilling.

Crist's slight lead is due in part to Democrats who were favorably impressed with Crist's veto against Florida Senate Bill 6 (an education reform Bill of sorts).  This spike in support of Crist may  explain why Meek did not receive full endorsement from the teacher's union.   But Democrats must not mistake a veto as full compliance or alignment with Democratic principles, values, policies and practices. 

If Florida Democrats want to send two Democratic Senators to Washington DC, we must vote for the real deal, true Democrat in August and again in November!

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To read a May 24, 2010 e-mail announcement from Abe Dyk, Meek Campaign manager, regarding recent union endorsements,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It will take the "Big Tent" for Democrats to Hold Power in 2010 & 2012

Who will the angry, hard-working, tired of being pinched from the left and right, American citizen - of ALL colors and nationalities and BOTH genders - vote for in 2010 and gain in 2012?

New York Times columnist, David Brooks, tells the story of Ben in his May 20, 2010 article. Whatever you think about David Brooks or his character, Ben, the Democrats must begin to figure out how to 'make the case' for support from voters like Ben...and there are plenty of them.  And, make no mistake; if you think Ben is White - think again.  Ben is representative of many American voters regardless of color, race, ethnicity, nationality, and Party affiliation.  Ben is angry!  And, Ben is looking for a political partner to represent him, his family and their best interest not only in Washington but also back home in his state and local municipality.  If smart, the Democrats will work hard to be that Party - again!  It can happen.  It must happen!

Read the full article at:

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Senate Financial Reform Bill Passes

The Jacksonville Times-Union article on page A-5 today says the Senate Financial Reform Bill passed with a little help from RRepublicans.  Evidently four Republicans supported the Bill and 2 Democrats voted against it.  Well, four Republican votes don't make it bi-partisan.  Republicans still seem to be more bent on stoping Obama legislation than stopping harmful practices by some big banks and other financial institutions that dealt a crippling blow to our entire global financial structure.  And, it's this entrenched "defeat the President or bust' attitude that the Republicans in DC seemingly advocate and use as a guide for their decision making.  This will not be turned around by a electing a few Republicans who turned Democrat or Independent.  The answer remains the same...more Democrats must be elected at all levels of government....especially in Duval County and the State of Florida!

That same page had two other stories of interest. The one on extending unemployment benefits and streamlining the patent application process for 'clean energy' or 'green' inventions.  What's the Republican position on these issues? If they're against the unemployment extension, that will hurt thousands of deserving Floridians who are hurting from the slow economy.  If they disagree with expediting clean energy patents, it prolongs the timeline for America to become energy independent. We can't afford the Party of 'No" to go unchallenged.

So tell me, who should be representing the people of Florida in DC, Tallahassee and Duval County & Jacksonville?  Right - Democrats!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News You Can Use

To often as Democrats we fail to keep up with our Party's position on major issues, critical bills in the State Legislature, or even the latest scandals affecting Republican leaders and rank and file members. 

Well, one way to remedy this information gap is to read the Florida Democratic Party Newsletter.  An educated Democratic voter is the best weapon to bring about the change we seek and need in Florida and beyond!

To receive the official Party newsletter, The Florida Democrat, go to the Florida Democratic Party website and sign-up.

Stay informed!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is Elena Kagan Going to the Bench?

Is Elena Kagan going to the Bench?  Who knows?  Supports of both answers have begun their own debate on this question.  It is fair to say that history suggest a Justice can be great without prior experience on the bench.  It is also true that judge experience can be helpful.

What is also true is that the work of a judge is not the same has that of a surgeon as has been suggested by some.  The surgeon must attend to his/her patient - right now - in real time so to speak.  The Justices of the U S Supreme Court (and lower courts for that matter) by design, have ample time to ruminate over facts presented in oral arguments as well as the legal briefs associated with a given case.  The stellar work of law clerks certainly aids the process as well.  This deliberative process seems to more than adequately accommodate the great legal minds of the day as well as the experienced jurists. 

So, is Elena Kagan a good choice?  Reasonable minds can disagree.  However, it seems the combination of a bright legal scholar and a deliberative process is a good combination.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Republican Turned Independent is NOT A DEMOCRAT


As we assess the pool of top candidates for the US Senate seat in Florida, we must never forget that a Republican Governor who makes a few decisions that align with some democratic preferences does not a Democrat make!  The value of voting for the best candidate is powerful and certainly sustains the candidate for the duration of his/her campaign and/or term of service.  However, if sustaining and preserving Party values, principles and practices is important to you, then the value of voting for the best Party candidate is essential.

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Poll gives Charlie Crist 6-point lead over Rubio

By Jim Stratton, Orlando Sentinel

May 7 2010, 12:08 AM EDT

Gov. Charlie Crist has spent the past few months battling Republican Marco Rubio, but if Crist wants a seat in the U.S. Senate, he might want to focus on Democrat Kendrick Meek.

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,1491281.story

Visit at

Left - Right Media Perspectives...Fair and Balanced?

Ever get the feeling one side is winning in the war for media attention and coverage and most importantly the heart, soul and conscience of America?  Well maybe you should.  But more importantly is to figure out what can be done to achieve greater 'balance' of what and who get covered.  Unless the reading and viewing public insists on 'fair and balanced', sensationalism, the rush to be first with the latest "breaking news" and the lure of 'rants' and 'tyraids' (many unsubstantiated) will rule the airways and some print media publications for the foreseeable future...not a good way to run a democracy or a republic.

Check out what Ernest Partridge of The Crisis Papers had to say on the subject.  Go to:

or read it here:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wall Street Reform Forums Come to Jax

We can't loose sight of the critical need to advance sound, responsible and comprehensive financial reform slip off the front burner in the United States.  There's too much at stake for the general public to give-up and let Washington work out the solutions without our voices being heard.

To keep the American public informed and engaged, two very important and active organizations supporting Democrats and democratic principles are hosting Wall Street Reform Forums in Jacksonville this week - and Organizing For America (OFA). 

For more information on both events, please click on their link below, or, in the "Hot Links"" section of this blog.

Stay informed and engaged!
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What: Community Forum to end corporate influence in our democracy
Where: Boone Park at Park Street (in Jacksonville)
When: Saturday, May 8, 2010, at 11:00 AM

Here's the link to RSVP:


Organizing For America

What: Wall Street Reform
Where: Downtown Jax: Laura St @Hemming Plaza
When: Thursday, May 6 from 12 PM - 1 PM

Here's the link to RSVP:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FL State 2010 Legislative Session - What' Going On?

Well, it's over...or is it?

The session may be over, but not the impact of the $70 billion dollar budget that passed.  By the way, what do we get for this investment of taxpayers hard earned dollars?

Are decisions final?  Well, after passing, SB6 was vetoed by Governor Crist.  Will this stop the Republicans who are fuming over the veto from pursuing wrong-headed legislation next session?  Not likely. 

What about the raiding of the Transportation Trust Fund - good idea or not?  Can funding gimmicks like raiding State trust funds be sustained over time and Florida survive, let alone grow and prosper? So, has the practice of robbing Peter to pay Paul become the defacto road map for state funding and operations? Is anyone concerned about these practices?  At any rate, it really is time to change the leadership specifically and political party in general that now controls the governance and future direction of Florida and our voice at the national level.

But, remember, whether it's local or state-wide elections, supporting a Republican turned Independent is not necessarily the answer either.  Supporting Democrats is the answer. 

For a look at how the local pressed summed up the 2010 session, go to:  If you disagree with the characterizations, write the editor.  Make sure your voice is heard. Also, go to some of the political sources in the "Hot Links" section of this blog to see what Democrats are saying on a full range of topics.

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Are Some Insurance Companies 'seeing the light'?

Recent news from suggests some big insurance companies may be 'seeing the light'.  Evidently Anthem Blue Cross has backed away from a premium increase of as much as 39 percent for some customers.