Friday, May 21, 2010

Senate Financial Reform Bill Passes

The Jacksonville Times-Union article on page A-5 today says the Senate Financial Reform Bill passed with a little help from RRepublicans.  Evidently four Republicans supported the Bill and 2 Democrats voted against it.  Well, four Republican votes don't make it bi-partisan.  Republicans still seem to be more bent on stoping Obama legislation than stopping harmful practices by some big banks and other financial institutions that dealt a crippling blow to our entire global financial structure.  And, it's this entrenched "defeat the President or bust' attitude that the Republicans in DC seemingly advocate and use as a guide for their decision making.  This will not be turned around by a electing a few Republicans who turned Democrat or Independent.  The answer remains the same...more Democrats must be elected at all levels of government....especially in Duval County and the State of Florida!

That same page had two other stories of interest. The one on extending unemployment benefits and streamlining the patent application process for 'clean energy' or 'green' inventions.  What's the Republican position on these issues? If they're against the unemployment extension, that will hurt thousands of deserving Floridians who are hurting from the slow economy.  If they disagree with expediting clean energy patents, it prolongs the timeline for America to become energy independent. We can't afford the Party of 'No" to go unchallenged.

So tell me, who should be representing the people of Florida in DC, Tallahassee and Duval County & Jacksonville?  Right - Democrats!

Fired up - Ready to WIN!

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