Saturday, May 22, 2010

It will take the "Big Tent" for Democrats to Hold Power in 2010 & 2012

Who will the angry, hard-working, tired of being pinched from the left and right, American citizen - of ALL colors and nationalities and BOTH genders - vote for in 2010 and gain in 2012?

New York Times columnist, David Brooks, tells the story of Ben in his May 20, 2010 article. Whatever you think about David Brooks or his character, Ben, the Democrats must begin to figure out how to 'make the case' for support from voters like Ben...and there are plenty of them.  And, make no mistake; if you think Ben is White - think again.  Ben is representative of many American voters regardless of color, race, ethnicity, nationality, and Party affiliation.  Ben is angry!  And, Ben is looking for a political partner to represent him, his family and their best interest not only in Washington but also back home in his state and local municipality.  If smart, the Democrats will work hard to be that Party - again!  It can happen.  It must happen!

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