Saturday, March 24, 2012

New PAC to Engage and Energize Blacks, Latinos and Others

Pass the word along about this new political action committee (PAC)......check out the article below and e-mail it to your friends and family.

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PAC+ to focus on black and latino communities in 2012 election

A new political action committee, PAC+, launched Wednesday to specifically focus on black and Latino communities on behalf of President Obama’s 2012 campaign efforts.

U.S. President Barack Obama. (JASON REED - REUTERS)
PAC+ plans to spend $10 million to organize minority voters around the country. The group is led by the same team that created VoteHope in 2007, the nation’s first Democratic super PAC. PAC+ is targeting six states this year: Georgia, Texas, California, Ohio, New Mexico and Arizona.        

Those states are flagged as most important because of three criteria, according to PAC+: They have the most potential to form a multiracial new majority where there is a need for building infrastructure; PAC+ resources, time and money would make a meaningful impact; and the races in those states are worth contesting.

“Currently a handful of billionaires are hijacking our democracy and advancing policies that are harmful to the majority of the American people. PAC+ is piloting a new model of SuperPAC that is focused on many donors, not mega-donors,”Steve Phillips, the chairman of PAC+, said in a press release.

The group is headquartered in Washington, D.C., but is independent of the Obama campaign. PAC+ was launched by more than 70 community and political leaders across 16 states and is powered by, the same social justice organization that spent $10 million across 18 states targeting African American and Latino voters for the Obama campaign in 2007. The group also wants to attract voters of color and liberal whites with a yearly household income of more than $100,000.

Phillips is a donor activist who has worked in public office and was founder and chairman of

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Republican Budget is a Bitter Pill for Middle-Class

See what one writer thinks of the Ryan-Republican budget proposal.  Check it out at:  Word is it will hurt the middle class and communities of color the most.  See what you think!

Stay informed and volunteer to help our party win in November.

Let's Do It Again.  Re-Elect President Obama.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tell US Republican Senators to Approve Judicial Appointments

Republican Senators continue to slow progress on appoints to the federal courts!  Make sure your US Senators are not a part of the problem. Read the latest on judicial appointments.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Planned Parenthood - A Friend to American Women of ALL Political Parties is Under Attack from the Right

The Repubilcan front runners just don't get it when it comes to a woman's right to choose and have options. Read the latest on Republican promises regarding the future of Planned Parenthood from the head of the DNC.

Let's Do It Again - Re-Elect President Obama.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama Keeps Reaching Out to Help the Middle Class

President Obama has never stopped working for the America people since he went to Washington DC as a Senator.  He may not have accomplished all he wanted to or all we need to have done.  But much has been accomplished.

Stay informed about his efforts.  Check out what the President is proposing in his latest housing initiative. Also, pass along stories and articles about his many good works to those who are uninformed and unaware.

Let's Do It Again!
Let's re-elect President Obama!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Back Home in Jax, FL

I was on-leave from the DCDEC from essentially May 2011 till now, March 2012.  I'm back home and plan to begin blogging again soon.

Right now it is important for ALL Democrats to get really serious about supporting our Party and building a sustainable infrastructure to carry us through and beyond the 2012 elections.  Now is not the time to sit out on the sidelines.  However, you choose to engage - engage. 

You can help register new and lapsed voters - new rules apply so check with the Supervisor of Elections Office for details. Volunteer at the DCDEC Office (Beach Blvd) or the Obama For America (OFA) Office (downtown on Julia Street). Post good news stories and articles on our Party leaders, other elected Democrats and candidates on your Facebook, Twitter and other social and networking media sites.  Forward good news e-mails to friends and family members. 

Additionally, compose and send letters to the Editors at local newspapers.  Correct "lies" about the Obama Administration (and other elected Democrats) when you hear them.  Don't forget to wear your Party buttons, t-shirts, caps, etc.  And, don't forget the bumper stickers and decals.  It's all good!

Let's do it again - re-elect President Obama!