Friday, March 2, 2012

Back Home in Jax, FL

I was on-leave from the DCDEC from essentially May 2011 till now, March 2012.  I'm back home and plan to begin blogging again soon.

Right now it is important for ALL Democrats to get really serious about supporting our Party and building a sustainable infrastructure to carry us through and beyond the 2012 elections.  Now is not the time to sit out on the sidelines.  However, you choose to engage - engage. 

You can help register new and lapsed voters - new rules apply so check with the Supervisor of Elections Office for details. Volunteer at the DCDEC Office (Beach Blvd) or the Obama For America (OFA) Office (downtown on Julia Street). Post good news stories and articles on our Party leaders, other elected Democrats and candidates on your Facebook, Twitter and other social and networking media sites.  Forward good news e-mails to friends and family members. 

Additionally, compose and send letters to the Editors at local newspapers.  Correct "lies" about the Obama Administration (and other elected Democrats) when you hear them.  Don't forget to wear your Party buttons, t-shirts, caps, etc.  And, don't forget the bumper stickers and decals.  It's all good!

Let's do it again - re-elect President Obama!

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