Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tell US Republican Senators to Approve Judicial Appointments

Republican Senators continue to slow progress on appoints to the federal courts!  Make sure your US Senators are not a part of the problem. Read the latest on judicial appointments.

Senate Strikes Deal on Obama’s Judicial Nominees. Nancy Zirkin, executive vice president of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said that a deal struck by Senate leadership this week to hold confirmation votes on 14 of President Obama’s stalled nominees to the federal courts was a “was a victory for regular order.” However, she added that “there are still more than 20 waiting in committee or on the floor to be approved. These nominees deserve prompt up or down votes without any more procedural shenanigans.” Zirkin was joined on a press call by Senator Chris Coons, D. Del., and other advocates. “We need to push against the false impression that the judiciary is a political branch of government,” said Coons. “It’s no small matter when talented jurists and lawyers want to serve their country and must wait several months just to receive a vote. It makes no sense.” Republican senators have been running a blockade against Obama’s highly-qualified nominees to the federal bench. As the White House has documented in an informative "infographic," the president’s federal nominees for circuit courts have been waiting an average of 136 days to receive a full Senate confirmation vote and an average of 93 days for district courts – far longer than nominees of President George W. Bush.

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