Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What's Up With the GOP?

As 2014 comes to an end, I must spend a minute reflecting upon the GOP and their endless efforts to discredit, misrepresent and otherwise obstruct the work of President Obama and his commitment to move the ball forward for the American people.

It should be clear to anyone that our economic situation is steadily improving and has made steady progress over the President's tenure in the White House.  We have had record growth in private sector jobs.  At last look, President Obama has had better job growth than any of the eight years under his predecessor, George W. Bush. Domestic oil production is at it's highest level ever.  We now produce more oil in America than we import. Unemployment is well under 6%. Down form 9-10%. The equities market has TRIPPLED under Obama.  Corporate profits are at record levels. Gas at the pump has dropped below $2.00 a gallon in some places in the country. 

TARP funds and auto industry bailout funds have all been repaid PLUS interest!  Great strides have been made on credit card reform, immigration reforms, Wall Street Reforms, Pell Grant increases, equal pay for women, climate change advances and Common Core education standards are welcomed n many states.  Same sex marriages, increased minimum wages and Medicaid expansion are commonplace in many states.  And 10 million plus Americans have enrolled in Affordable Health Care plans across the country.

In spite of on-going challenges globally, Obama is championing a new relationship with Cuba. He has limited deportation of 5 million more undocumented individuals who are parents of Dreamers and others.  He succeeded in getting all chemical weapons are out of Syria - so much for the rap of "inaction" once the Syrian government "crossed the line in the sand".  Talks are still viable with Iran.  And we're containing and degrading ISIS in Iraq.  No wonder a noted and respected economist called him the most consequential President in the recent past. And, according to a recent article, Obama has once again been named one of the top 10 most admired individuals in the world...he's been number one, 7 years in a row!

Yet just tonight, O'Reilly of FOXNews suggested Obama has failed to improve the economy.  O'Reilly and other GOP mouthpieces have posited that the President "doesn't lead".  The constantly blame President Obama for nearly everything negative that happens.  Whether it's the expanding racial divide, or the killing of unarmed Black men by law enforcement officers or the murder of cops on the street.  But they don't credit him for any of the "good news" that has occurred on his watch. But that's how the GOP is. They are committed to a campaign of smear when it comes o the President and his service tour country.  That's sad.

However, the real sad news is, that for all the "good news" out there, the GOP increased their numbers in both chambers of Congress in the last national election. Go figure! Come on America. We can and must do better.

The best news however, is that history will not be written by the GOP.  And as such, President Obama will go down as a very consequential President who tried and succeeded to do bring 'change' to America.

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE

Saturday, November 29, 2014

But Still We Rise.....

As November 2014 comes to a close, I am calmly feeling excited about the future. In spite of a dismal outcome for Democrats in the past election, and all the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, MO; I still feel hopeful. Our Party can still rise!

The only direction we came move is either up or forward - both are positive options as I see it. As individuals and a political Party, we have much to build upon. Possibilities and opportunities for all people - as imperfect as it may play out at times - remains a core value.  Groups as well as individuals matter to Democrats.  A woman must maintain the "right to chose".  Energy independence and corporation profits are not mutually exclusive outcomes. Diplomacy over military mite remains the preferred option - but not the only option - to global conflict. Expanding and protecting the "right to vote" is a basic principle of the Party.  And forgiveness is a sustaining human value not just a Christian or religious ideal. Finally, fairness, truth and equity must continue to be definitive characteristics of our Party's policies, processes a practices.

We must take the time needed to revisit these core values and once again let them marinate our souls and then drive our collective behavior, guide our conversations and shape our public policies.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Women of Color: A Growing Force in the American Electorate | Black Politics on the Web

Women of Color: A Growing Force in the American Electorate | Black Politics on the Web

Women of color have long been committed to responsible civic engagement, post-high school degree attainment, economic advancement and sustaining family values. It's fitting they are a significant political voice for the future.  We're in good hands!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Record number of black candidates seeking office across the country

Record number of black candidates seeking office across the country | Black Politics on the Web

It's exciting to see over 100 African Americans running for public service offices across our country. 

This is the best way for us to reverse some of the many negative trends affecting our community from voter suppression to limits on government and private sector spending with qualified , minority-owned businesses. Recent controversial comments from a Black, female commentator on a FOX News show suggesting Blacks under Obama are "worthless and uneducated" and disgruntled Blacks over the unfortunate shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri calling for Blacks to vote Republic to make a point, are each very challenging to this author and potentially damaging to Black progress.

The best option to exercise self- determination is for African Americans to register to vote, educate ourselves on issues affecting us and publicize our preferences. Additionally we must also field Black candidates for office. And ultimately, we must support all of candidates that adopt our platforms and preferences.  In some instances, the preferred candidate may be an Independent or even in some rare instances, a moderate Republican.  But if we do our due-diligence in reviewing candidates against our community needs lists, we will back the right candidates every time. 

And finally, if or voter turnout is always at least 80%, our candidates of choice can and will win!

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Koch Brothers' dollars to Scott | September 14, 2014 | Jeremy Wallace | HT Politics

Koch Brothers' dollars to Scott / September 14, 2014 | Jeremy Wallace | HT Politics

Big money in politics seems to be here to stay.  Both Political Parties do well overall.  Although the Koch brothers are in a league of their own when it comes to funding individual races.

But Democrats who don't always keep pace, dollar to dollar, have relied on voter turnout to push them over the top in districts not gerrymandered to the advantage of Republicans.

Democratic voters must not let an imbalance of funding support dissuade us from going to the polls in record numbers this Fall.  If we do that, we can win and win where it counts - the US Senate races.  We have a real shot at holding all our seats and picking up formerly solid red seats. We can't let FOX News personalities and misleading accounts and other conservative talking heads convince us Democrats are behind and a Republican wave is immanent. If we do, they'll win!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointing fewer black judges than predecessors | Tampa Bay Times

Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointing fewer black judges than predecessors | Tampa Bay Times

Rick Scott is not serious about appointing Blacks to judgeships.  His appointments to date are fewer than the two immediate past governors - both of whom were Republican. The appointments Scott has made have not been to the more prestigious trail court levels, but rather hearing job-related injury cases, small claims and traffic cases.

Does he question the ability of Black attorneys to handle more challenging trail court cases? Huuumm!

we must get Scott out of office.  The next governor will have the opportunity to replace 4 of the 9 State Supreme Court justices.  We can't allow Scot to stack the High Court with ultra-conservative jurists who will control the judiciary for decades to come!

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Abortion debate shows women key to Florida governor election

Abortion debate shows women key to Florida governor election | News-JournalOnline.com

The abortion debate may prove to be a critical factor in turnout for this Fall's election for Governor in Florida.

As was the case in 2008 and again 2012, women in Florida, along with Blacks and other voters of color, were central in the election and reelection of President Obama. The race for Governor may turn on these same constituent groups.  The respectable edge among women voters currently enjoyed by Charlie Crist, added to a larger than normal turnout in the African American community can return Crist tot he Governor's seat.

The question is will these dependable constituent groups turn out, and turnout in huge numbers?

A number of leaders in women's groups are betting the abortion issue will energize and otherwise modestly excited female base.

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

White on White Crime Is HIgh Too!

I was reading a report on murders in America on a Facebook posting which included a chart for 2011 which noted the race of victims of murder as well as the perpetrator. Interestingly enough, the numbers for whites and blacks were remarkably similar.

Of 3100+ murders of whites - 2700+ of the perpetrators were white.  For blacks, the numbers were 2600+ murders and 2400+ perpetrators - HUUUUMMMMM, interesting I said.

I guess a pathology of or penchant for killing one's own race is not restricted to black folks alone.

What is also interesting is that when you accept the fact that whites score higher on standardized tests; graduate from high school and college at higher rates; own more homes, are elected or appointed to political positions more often; earn more money; have healthier retirement funds; have higher IQs, etc. etc., etc., it makes me wonder what's the root cause of such behavior in that community. Not that I'm clear on the rationale in the black community, but still.  I'm just saying!!!!.

At ay rate, the Duval County Democratic Black Caucus is working hard to find more ways to engage our black youth in positive behaviors, including a greater commitment to civic engagement in general and voting in particular.

Los Angeles schools decriminalize discipline

Los Angeles schools decriminalize discipline | Black Politics on the Web

Punishment is not going away....just a more human and reasonable approach to how to handle discipline in our school sis coming back in to fashion.  And, it should help reduce the number of Black youth who stop out of education de to brushes with the criminal justice system over what some call minor instances and occurrences.

Restorative justice programs and processes will hopefully assist young Black adults in atoning for their actions as well as give them a greater sense that fairness is a reality for them as well as their classmates.

Let's all pray this approach can pay off big time for our Black youth.

Christensen Set to be U.S. First Black Female Governor

Christensen Set to be U.S. First Black Female Governor | BlackPressUSA

It's about time!  However, I wish this governorship was in one of the 50 states of the United State versus the US Virgin Islands.  But, I'll take it and I'm excited about it nonetheless.

We should all wish Delegate Donna Christensen all the best and make ourselves and our organizations available to assist her in all the ways we can.

The Duval County Democratic Black Caucus is always ready to help political leaders succeed.

Congratulations Ms. Christensen!

Politics Counts: How Black Turnout Could Impact November

Although US Congressional Districts are seemingly safe for many Republicans; US Senate races may hold opportunities for Democratic victories if African American turnout ticks up in November.  Check out the link below and here for details.

At bottom, Blacks and others voters of color must commit to high voter turnouts EVERY Election. 

In my home town of Jacksonville FL., African American votes comprise over half the registered Democrats. An 80% turnout gives any Democratic candidate a potential to secure 103,200 votes. Even 50% would mean a starting point of 52,000 votes. Because we're the largest city in the state, such a turnout would bode well for select statewide and national races as well.

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Politics Counts: How Black Turnout Could Impact November - Washington Wire - WSJ

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Right Decision Was Reached, Again!

August 2014
Fifth Circuit Upholds University of Texas Admissions Policy The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on July 15 upheld, for a second time, the University of Texas’ consideration of race as one of many factors in admissions. In a 2-1 ruling, the federal appeals court rejected the case of Abigail Fisher, a White student not accepted to the University of Texas in 2008 who claimed she was refused entrance due to the university’s affirmative action policy. “We are persuaded that to deny UT Austin its limited use of race in its search for holistic diversity would hobble the richness of the educational experience,” wrote Judge Patrick E. Higginbotham. The case was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court last year in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, but was sent back on remand to the appeals court to apply “strict scrutiny” in assessing the University of Texas’ admissions policies. In a statement applauding the decision, University of Texas President Bill Powers said that the university remains “committed to assembling a student body at The University of Texas at Austin that brings with it the educational benefits of diversity while respecting the rights of all students. This ruling ensures that our campus, our state and the entire nation will benefit from the exchange of ideas and thoughts that happens when students who are diverse in all regards come together in the classroom, at campus events and in all aspects of campus life.” The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, who represented UT Austin’s Black Student Alliance in the case, similarly praised the ruling. “This decision should stand as a declaration of the ongoing importance and legality of affirmative action efforts that holistically evaluate applicants for admission in higher education,” said Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel. Mee Moua, president and executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC, said that “Like all of the unique factors in students’ backgrounds, race matters – including for Asian Americans, who are a broadly diverse group ourselves.” That sentiment – that race still matters – was echoed by Thomas Saenz, president and general counsel at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, who said “We can only hope that the hardcore ‘colorblindness’ brigade will now allow universities to go about the critical business of training a leading workforce for our increasingly diverse and interconnected society.” On July 29, Fisher's attorneys filed an appeal asking the full Fifth Circuit to rehear the case.


As I understand it, in the original school actions, 47 students whose profiles were not as strong as Ms. Fisher's were admitted.....42 white students and 5 students of color - 3 African Americans and 2 Latinos.  Who's she upset about getting in over her?  Right...5 minority students but not the 42 whites. What? 

Equal Opportunity News

U.T. Austin’s affirmative action program is a careful effort to ensure diversity – Washington Post Diversity in Admissions – Inside Higher Ed
A basic flaw in the argument against affirmative action
– Washington Post

Thursday, August 7, 2014

We Can Win This Thing!

August 26 is Primary Election Day in Duval County and around the State of Florida. Although historically, there's a lower voter turnout in non-Presidential election years, these off-year elections are the best opportunity to gain ground.  Why?  Because given the low number of voters who turnout, the political Party that has even a modest increase in turnout can run-away with multiple election successes.

In Duval County alone, African Americans represent roughly 130,000 of the 232,000 registered Democrats. If 80% of the registered Black Democrats turnout and vote Party, many if not most of the Democrats running can win and win big. In primary races with two or more Democrats running, Black or otherwise, whichever candidate is favored by Black voters can succeed in winning the primary.

Even those Democratic candidates for statewide races can receive a huge boost if Black Democrats in Duval County turnout in huge numbers. For example, if Duval County Blacks favored, Perry Thurston, the African American candidate for State Attorney General or Thad Hamilton, the Black candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, our votes would be a huge help to push them over the top in their respective primary races.  Additionally, if there are races with no Democrats running, but there is a good Independent candidate or other minor Party candidate who is right on the issues that are important to African Americans, then, we can help them win as well...candidates like Paula Moser-Bartlett running against Ander Crenshaw in US Congressional District 4..

At bottom, Duval County Democrats in general and Black Democrats in particular must realize our political power in numbers and turnout in great numbers on August 26 and help Democrats and other right-thinking candidates win all across our County and the State!

Then, we can repeat our turnout success again in November!

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Strategic Voting Can Be Smart A Vote: How Blacks Changed the GOP Game

Black is the New Black: How Blacks Changed the GOP Game | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS

Mississippi Black Democrats showed that a strategic approach to voting can be a winning approach.  After a limited number of Black Democrats voted in the recent primary election for US Senate, a huge 'get-out-the-vote' effort in the runoff election proved to be strategic genius!  It could be a victory that keeps the US Senate a "friendly" chamber for President Obama.

In a state where Democrats are hard-pressed to win statewide races, a more, strategic voting strategy by Democrats during primaries and runoff elections could prove to be a backdoor to leveraged political clout in MS and other states with open primaries. It's also true that in MS, Democrat and Republican politicians, business leaders and community leaders often work collaboratively behind the scenes. If past work-product of bi-partisan efforts has been good for MS and her citizens, what would happen if this cooperation where transparent and supported by all parties concerned?  Could it be even better for MS?  I wonder......

When in doubt...Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Obama Signs New Job-Training Law

After President Obama took multiple executive actions earlier this year to move the ball forward on several fronts for working class Americans - equal pay for women, anti discrimination of gays and lesbians in the workplace and a minimum wage increase for federal workers, Congress has "caught the fever".  By a rare, bi-partisan vote, Congress passed a job-training bill to help Americans recover from the recession and have a brighter future. Imagine what could be accomplished if more brave and responsible Republicans would support jobs-related legislation from this Administration? Wow!! Now, if only the House would bring up the President's jobs and infrastructure bill!

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Smoking Gun Emails Released in Texas Gerrymandering Trial

Smoking Gun Emails Released in Texas Gerrymandering Trial

Looks like these e-mails point out how once again the Republican's so-called "interest" in minority voters, in this case Hispanics, is simply one of how best to limit or mitigate Hispanic voting influence overall and actually work against them all the while suggesting they - the GOP - wants them (Hispanics) to feel welcome in the GOP - NOT.

The e-mails seem to make clear the GOP's primary interest was to isolate and group Hispanics with the lowest voter turnout histories into districts that give them the majority of voters. This way they could say we gave you your own districts; but also be able to laugh about the fact that the district voters would rarely vote en masse.  How cynical!

And just think, these are the types of actions that would have required US government pre-approval review under the section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that was gutted by the Supreme Court.

Voting rights are under heavy assault by many of the GOP lead State Houses around the country. We must vote in solidarity to change the make-up of State Houses AND the federal representatives as well.  There are 8 toss-up states for the Senate - 6 of the seats are currently held by Democrats. We must help fund their races and the get out the vote in those states to win them back and take the two that are held by Republicans. Check out WWW.REALCLEARPOLITICS.COM . No candidate in any toss-up state is more than 2 points behind the leader - so we can win these states folks!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Big Picture: This Month's Jobs Numbers | The White House

The Big Picture: This Month's Jobs Numbers | The White House

The US economy is complex. However, the news is good and improving all the time, albeit slower than we might want.  But nonetheless, it is clear things are moving in the right direction with little to no help from the Republicans in Congress.

Private sector jobs are up.  Domestic oil production is up. The auto industry is roaring forward. All bailout funds to banks have ben repaid plus interest.  Billions of stimulus dollars have gone to the states for their "shovel-ready" projects and other identified priorities. And the DOW, S & P and Nasdaq markets are all at record highs.  How is that not good news?

Things may not be ideal, but they're a heck of a lot more stable than 6 years ago!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

Another Previously Published Article That's a Must Read for the 2014 Eelctions

Blacks could rock the vote in 2014 — if they vote - The Washington Post

Although the "comments" after the article are interesting too, especially from  T. Foxx; the substance of the article should help fuel Blacks, and others to turnout this Midterm election season. Voting is a serious matter and must be seen accordingly.  Don't let others decide your future.  Have a say in your destiny and future.

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

Black and HIspanic Voters Matters In Mid-Term Elections Even if They're Not In Every Critical State

Even if Blacks and Hispanics represent a small percentage of eligible voters in some of the key battleground states in this Midterm election cycle, we must continue to register and turnout to vote. 

Whether it's a local, statewide or national election, the minority vote and voice is critical to help shape the debate and influence outcomes. In Midterm elections where the turnout is usually lower, a strong turnout by voters of color can tilt the outcomes easily.  We must become more strategic and consistent with our voting practices.

Don't let the pundits' views on voter "numbers" and "percentages" and what they mean unduly convince us there is no hope. Voting is the chief lever for leveling the playing field and having our voices heard!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

Influence Of Black, Hispanic Voters Smaller In Mid-Term Elections | Black Politics on the Web

Thursday, June 26, 2014

And Then There Were Three...Democrat Anthony Brown wins Maryland governor primary

Democrat Anthony Brown wins Maryland governor primary - Steven Shepard - POLITICO.com

It could happen.  If Maryland voting history repeats itself, Maryland will become only the third state in the Union to elect a Black governor.

Maryland's Lt Governor, Anthony Brown, won the Democratic primary on Tuesday to advance to the general election for governor. Democrats have controlled the governor's seat for over 4 decades.  If that practice holds, the young, handsome, energetic and well liked and supported Brown will become governor-elect in November.

Let's make it happen.

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Find Common Ground and Set a Succession Plan for District Leadership

New York Primary Results: Charlie Rangel Leads Primary Race

The New York District 13 Congressional race appears to have been a tough one for the incumbent, Charlie Rangel. But the real issue isn't just who won the seat; but how will the District 13 residents and leaders plan for a unified community and Party moving forward? Democrats can not afford to allow a split between African American and our Latino brothers and sisters develop and literally erode the political clout of any specific electoral district let alone a city, state or the national Democratic Party. I believe this is what the GOP wants and recent redistricting outcomes have not helped the matter.  However, it is important that our Party leaders and elected officials of color refrain from taking the bait of competition and allowing it to sink both our political ships. Whether it's in New York, California, Denver, Chicago, Texas or Florida, Democrats of color must find common ground upon which to build a solid, functional and representative agenda, staffing plan and a responsible leadership succession plan to ensure our ability to win races far into the future. The only hope the GOP has to regain national prominence and dominance is to drive a wedge between to two largest communities of color - namely, the African American and Latino American communities.  Don't let it happen!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Democratic Black Caucus of Florida Converges in Orlando | Free Press of Jacksonville

It was a great conference in Orlando setting the stage for a successful election cycle for Democrats across the state.  Attendees left with a firm commitment to return to their respective counties and work hard to elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

Black Democrats remain a solid block of support for Democrats everywhere.  The conference underscored the need for our members to identify and support more Black candidates for elective office to augment the roster of other viable Democratic candidates.  The Empowerment Breakfast featured extremely talented and experienced Black female elected officials and Party leaders who make it easy to believe we're in good hands with them in political leadership roles.

Training sessions and workshops added great value to the conference and provided registrants with strategies and tactics to help Democrats win local, statewide and national races.  The Milton Morris Founders Luncheon was the perfect platform for Congresswoman Corrine Brown to fire-up the troops. And, the Gala Dinner on Saturday night was a fitting conclusion to an outstanding conference. The Honorable Hakeem Jeffries, US Congressman from New York reminded guests that regardless to the challenges we face, we can triumph over them.

Let's get busy. VOTE BLUE!

go to: Democratic Black Caucus of Florida Converges in Orlando | Free Press of Jacksonville

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Obamacare Has Drastically Cut The Uninsured Rate For Blacks, Hispanics

Obamacare Has Drastically Cut The Uninsured Rate For Blacks, Hispanics

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is working in spite of efforts by the Congressional GOP and others to kill it. Over 40 votes to repeal the Act were taken in the US House of Representatives alone.  It just shows how many in the GOP would rather cripple the American economy and hurt working class Americans just to limit the success of this President.

The drop in the rate of uninsured Black and Hispanics along with low and moderate income others is impressive! Check out the chart in the article for details.

Many of us felt all along we needed to give the ACA a chance to work - and it has produced very positive outcomes.  There's a long way to go yet, but the trend lines are moving in the right direction!

Let's keep the momentum moving forward by voting in record numbers this mid-term election cycle for Democrats with heart.

All in to win!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New AARP Survey Assesses the Issues that Matter Most to African-Americans 50+

Blacks and Black political and social/civic organizations must develop am Issues Platform against which all candidates for local, state and national office should be evaluated.  If they can commit to fighting for issues that matter to our community, then we should endorse and support them.  If not - NOT!

Read the article on the recent AARP Survey on issues that matter to Black folks. Go to:

New AARP Survey Assesses the Issues that Matter Most to African-Americans 50+ | Black Politics on the Web

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The GOP Has A Long Way to Go to Attract Black Voters

T.W. Shannon, Tim Scott, and the Republican Party’s black politicians: The GOP needs fewer black personalities.

Until the Republican Party accepts the fact that they really don't know what to do or how to approach Black Americans, they'll continue to chase high profile "personalities".

These Black personalities seem to free some in the GOP from the challenging feelings of guilt by lambasting Democrats, of all colors, and playing to the Party's far-right ranks' false belief that all Blacks (except the few in the GOP) are dependent on government for everything from housing to jobs and now health care.

But I don't believe their hype about seriously wanting to integrate the GOP.  I think they just want a reliable voting block of Blacks to off-set the push Black Democrats provide the Democratic Party.  If that can happen with a minor percent of the Black voting public, that's fine with the GOP. But, a GOP that's 30 - 40 percent Black - NOT!

I wish the Black Democrats and Black Republicans could take time to develop a common ground agenda on what's best for our community and work hard within each political Party to make it happen.

Maybe this bi-partisan approach could happen here in Duval County. I think I'll try it!

Fired up - ready to win!

Monday, May 5, 2014

GOP blocks Democrats’ minimum wage try in Senate

GOP blocks Democrats’ minimum wage try in Senate | Black Politics on the Web

I can't believe Senate Republicans blocked a chance to help hundreds of thousands of Americans earn a wage that lifts them out of poverty. The fear that companies would be forced to lay-off works is a concern, but shouldn't be a deal breaker.  Many affected companies can meet the wage and remain competitive and profitable. There are 21 states and/or US protectorates that currently meet or exceed the federal minimum wage. What's the problem?  Oh yea, Republicans seem to remain blindly committed to blocking almost anything this President advances....even if America could be advanced. Let's remember this fact whenever we vote.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's Make It Work

Recently several news articles have suggested some Republican Congressional leaders have made statements that seem to be positive with regard to programs and legislation advanced by the POTUS. However, when pressed by members of the "far-right" in their Party, they have tried to "walk back" their positions and statements. Whether on the stalling of immigration legislation or the permanent state of the Affordable Care Act, Republican leaders who dare speak truth to power, crumble in the face of public challenge from the 'right'. 

If this country is ever going to move forward on many of the fronts the American people believe are necessary and right, leaders and members of both major political parties must commit to making it work - together.

A national jobs bill and fair wages should not be a tough issue to pass.  Fair-minded elected officials ought be able to identify reasonable and appropriate adjustments to entitlements that don't harm citizens in the middle or lower end of the economic ladder, while not inflicting pain on those on the upper end of the scale. An equitable pathway to citizenship - which by the way - is a pathway to paying taxes too, should not be rocket science.  And speaking of science, environmentally friendly practices and economic growth can coexist in a market-based economy. Finally, we ought to be able balance equal opportunity and fairness for all within our policies and practices around race and ethnicity.

Let's make it work folks!

Friday, March 21, 2014

“My Brother’s Keeper”Program Works Best with a Succesful Black Business Sector in Place

Ron Busby, President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, is right when he suggest the best way for My Brother's Keeper (MBK) program to succeed is for Black and Brown business sectors to be strong, vibrant and growing!  Read his article at the link below.

“My Brother’s Keeper” from a Single Father and Business Owner’s Perspective | Black Politics on the Web

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't Give Up!

The recent posts in newspapers and political websites across the country continuously tell s how much money the Koch brothers and other supporters of Republican candidates and causes are spending to but the 2014 elections....especially the Congressional seats and particularly the Senate.  But remember, money helps, but ultimately it's the votes cast that count! 
Don’t let reports of Republican big money spending dampen your resolve to vote and getting others to do the same. Democrats can win elections if Party members GO VOTE. 

And, make sure the faith-community helps seniors and the “shut-ins” either file for Vote-by-Mail ballots or get taken to the polls for early voting or on Election Day.  Help register new voters.  All these efforts can work together to win elections. 

It was the ground game to get voters to the polls that one it for President Obama both times.  If done again in 2014 for all Democratic candidates in every local, state and national election, Democrats will win again. 
So you see, the issue isn’t whether or not Democrats CAN do it….but rather, WILL they do it? 

Fired up – ready to win!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Let's Remain Committed and Engaged

The civil rights movement has evolved over time to include many diverse people, cultures and causes.  Nonetheless, we must remain engaged at all levels at all times...especially people of color. Check out this article:  Moral movements: Civil rights coming back to the future | Black Politics on the Web

Stay in the fight - educate yourself on the issues - locally and beyond - and VOTE!