Thursday, August 7, 2014

We Can Win This Thing!

August 26 is Primary Election Day in Duval County and around the State of Florida. Although historically, there's a lower voter turnout in non-Presidential election years, these off-year elections are the best opportunity to gain ground.  Why?  Because given the low number of voters who turnout, the political Party that has even a modest increase in turnout can run-away with multiple election successes.

In Duval County alone, African Americans represent roughly 130,000 of the 232,000 registered Democrats. If 80% of the registered Black Democrats turnout and vote Party, many if not most of the Democrats running can win and win big. In primary races with two or more Democrats running, Black or otherwise, whichever candidate is favored by Black voters can succeed in winning the primary.

Even those Democratic candidates for statewide races can receive a huge boost if Black Democrats in Duval County turnout in huge numbers. For example, if Duval County Blacks favored, Perry Thurston, the African American candidate for State Attorney General or Thad Hamilton, the Black candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, our votes would be a huge help to push them over the top in their respective primary races.  Additionally, if there are races with no Democrats running, but there is a good Independent candidate or other minor Party candidate who is right on the issues that are important to African Americans, then, we can help them win as well...candidates like Paula Moser-Bartlett running against Ander Crenshaw in US Congressional District 4..

At bottom, Duval County Democrats in general and Black Democrats in particular must realize our political power in numbers and turnout in great numbers on August 26 and help Democrats and other right-thinking candidates win all across our County and the State!

Then, we can repeat our turnout success again in November!

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

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