Thursday, August 28, 2014

White on White Crime Is HIgh Too!

I was reading a report on murders in America on a Facebook posting which included a chart for 2011 which noted the race of victims of murder as well as the perpetrator. Interestingly enough, the numbers for whites and blacks were remarkably similar.

Of 3100+ murders of whites - 2700+ of the perpetrators were white.  For blacks, the numbers were 2600+ murders and 2400+ perpetrators - HUUUUMMMMM, interesting I said.

I guess a pathology of or penchant for killing one's own race is not restricted to black folks alone.

What is also interesting is that when you accept the fact that whites score higher on standardized tests; graduate from high school and college at higher rates; own more homes, are elected or appointed to political positions more often; earn more money; have healthier retirement funds; have higher IQs, etc. etc., etc., it makes me wonder what's the root cause of such behavior in that community. Not that I'm clear on the rationale in the black community, but still.  I'm just saying!!!!.

At ay rate, the Duval County Democratic Black Caucus is working hard to find more ways to engage our black youth in positive behaviors, including a greater commitment to civic engagement in general and voting in particular.

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