Thursday, June 26, 2014

And Then There Were Three...Democrat Anthony Brown wins Maryland governor primary

Democrat Anthony Brown wins Maryland governor primary - Steven Shepard -

It could happen.  If Maryland voting history repeats itself, Maryland will become only the third state in the Union to elect a Black governor.

Maryland's Lt Governor, Anthony Brown, won the Democratic primary on Tuesday to advance to the general election for governor. Democrats have controlled the governor's seat for over 4 decades.  If that practice holds, the young, handsome, energetic and well liked and supported Brown will become governor-elect in November.

Let's make it happen.

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Find Common Ground and Set a Succession Plan for District Leadership

New York Primary Results: Charlie Rangel Leads Primary Race

The New York District 13 Congressional race appears to have been a tough one for the incumbent, Charlie Rangel. But the real issue isn't just who won the seat; but how will the District 13 residents and leaders plan for a unified community and Party moving forward? Democrats can not afford to allow a split between African American and our Latino brothers and sisters develop and literally erode the political clout of any specific electoral district let alone a city, state or the national Democratic Party. I believe this is what the GOP wants and recent redistricting outcomes have not helped the matter.  However, it is important that our Party leaders and elected officials of color refrain from taking the bait of competition and allowing it to sink both our political ships. Whether it's in New York, California, Denver, Chicago, Texas or Florida, Democrats of color must find common ground upon which to build a solid, functional and representative agenda, staffing plan and a responsible leadership succession plan to ensure our ability to win races far into the future. The only hope the GOP has to regain national prominence and dominance is to drive a wedge between to two largest communities of color - namely, the African American and Latino American communities.  Don't let it happen!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Democratic Black Caucus of Florida Converges in Orlando | Free Press of Jacksonville

It was a great conference in Orlando setting the stage for a successful election cycle for Democrats across the state.  Attendees left with a firm commitment to return to their respective counties and work hard to elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

Black Democrats remain a solid block of support for Democrats everywhere.  The conference underscored the need for our members to identify and support more Black candidates for elective office to augment the roster of other viable Democratic candidates.  The Empowerment Breakfast featured extremely talented and experienced Black female elected officials and Party leaders who make it easy to believe we're in good hands with them in political leadership roles.

Training sessions and workshops added great value to the conference and provided registrants with strategies and tactics to help Democrats win local, statewide and national races.  The Milton Morris Founders Luncheon was the perfect platform for Congresswoman Corrine Brown to fire-up the troops. And, the Gala Dinner on Saturday night was a fitting conclusion to an outstanding conference. The Honorable Hakeem Jeffries, US Congressman from New York reminded guests that regardless to the challenges we face, we can triumph over them.

Let's get busy. VOTE BLUE!

go to: Democratic Black Caucus of Florida Converges in Orlando | Free Press of Jacksonville

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Obamacare Has Drastically Cut The Uninsured Rate For Blacks, Hispanics

Obamacare Has Drastically Cut The Uninsured Rate For Blacks, Hispanics

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is working in spite of efforts by the Congressional GOP and others to kill it. Over 40 votes to repeal the Act were taken in the US House of Representatives alone.  It just shows how many in the GOP would rather cripple the American economy and hurt working class Americans just to limit the success of this President.

The drop in the rate of uninsured Black and Hispanics along with low and moderate income others is impressive! Check out the chart in the article for details.

Many of us felt all along we needed to give the ACA a chance to work - and it has produced very positive outcomes.  There's a long way to go yet, but the trend lines are moving in the right direction!

Let's keep the momentum moving forward by voting in record numbers this mid-term election cycle for Democrats with heart.

All in to win!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New AARP Survey Assesses the Issues that Matter Most to African-Americans 50+

Blacks and Black political and social/civic organizations must develop am Issues Platform against which all candidates for local, state and national office should be evaluated.  If they can commit to fighting for issues that matter to our community, then we should endorse and support them.  If not - NOT!

Read the article on the recent AARP Survey on issues that matter to Black folks. Go to:

New AARP Survey Assesses the Issues that Matter Most to African-Americans 50+ | Black Politics on the Web