Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Find Common Ground and Set a Succession Plan for District Leadership

New York Primary Results: Charlie Rangel Leads Primary Race

The New York District 13 Congressional race appears to have been a tough one for the incumbent, Charlie Rangel. But the real issue isn't just who won the seat; but how will the District 13 residents and leaders plan for a unified community and Party moving forward? Democrats can not afford to allow a split between African American and our Latino brothers and sisters develop and literally erode the political clout of any specific electoral district let alone a city, state or the national Democratic Party. I believe this is what the GOP wants and recent redistricting outcomes have not helped the matter.  However, it is important that our Party leaders and elected officials of color refrain from taking the bait of competition and allowing it to sink both our political ships. Whether it's in New York, California, Denver, Chicago, Texas or Florida, Democrats of color must find common ground upon which to build a solid, functional and representative agenda, staffing plan and a responsible leadership succession plan to ensure our ability to win races far into the future. The only hope the GOP has to regain national prominence and dominance is to drive a wedge between to two largest communities of color - namely, the African American and Latino American communities.  Don't let it happen!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

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