Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The GOP Has A Long Way to Go to Attract Black Voters

T.W. Shannon, Tim Scott, and the Republican Party’s black politicians: The GOP needs fewer black personalities.

Until the Republican Party accepts the fact that they really don't know what to do or how to approach Black Americans, they'll continue to chase high profile "personalities".

These Black personalities seem to free some in the GOP from the challenging feelings of guilt by lambasting Democrats, of all colors, and playing to the Party's far-right ranks' false belief that all Blacks (except the few in the GOP) are dependent on government for everything from housing to jobs and now health care.

But I don't believe their hype about seriously wanting to integrate the GOP.  I think they just want a reliable voting block of Blacks to off-set the push Black Democrats provide the Democratic Party.  If that can happen with a minor percent of the Black voting public, that's fine with the GOP. But, a GOP that's 30 - 40 percent Black - NOT!

I wish the Black Democrats and Black Republicans could take time to develop a common ground agenda on what's best for our community and work hard within each political Party to make it happen.

Maybe this bi-partisan approach could happen here in Duval County. I think I'll try it!

Fired up - ready to win!

Monday, May 5, 2014

GOP blocks Democrats’ minimum wage try in Senate

GOP blocks Democrats’ minimum wage try in Senate | Black Politics on the Web

I can't believe Senate Republicans blocked a chance to help hundreds of thousands of Americans earn a wage that lifts them out of poverty. The fear that companies would be forced to lay-off works is a concern, but shouldn't be a deal breaker.  Many affected companies can meet the wage and remain competitive and profitable. There are 21 states and/or US protectorates that currently meet or exceed the federal minimum wage. What's the problem?  Oh yea, Republicans seem to remain blindly committed to blocking almost anything this President advances....even if America could be advanced. Let's remember this fact whenever we vote.