Thursday, July 22, 2010

A More Perfect Way Forward

Below is a response to a recent e-mail sent by CREDO Action - a strong, grassroots, progressive organization that I respect!

July 22, 2010

On balance I support the work of CREDO Action. I have signed on-line petitions, letters, etc. I have also forwarded countless items to friends, family and colleagues. I have also posted CREDO Action items to my personal Facebook Page.

I am concerned, however, that due to rising disagreement with some actions, inaction, positions on issues, etc. of the Obama Administration, CREDO Action seems to be increasingly more an attack voice than advocate of the Administration. No matter what your differences are with the Obama Administration, on balance, it's still more aligned with bedrock democratic principles than the Republican Party will ever be.

Although not perfect, the many significant accomplishments of this Administration, just two years into it's tenure, have been unparalleled in many ways to previous Administrations. The sheer magnitude, diversity and complexity of the challenges facing our country are staggering, overdue for attention and very little time left to correct the messes. Add to this, the reality of an extremely over-polarized Congress and a Democratic Caucus that can't seem to work together in the Senate, and you have a situation worthy of concern but not contempt.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to see organizations such as CREDO Action seeming to place their own agendas and time lines for action/accomplishment - alb them laudable in many instances - above the realities of the difficulties to govern in a highly charged political environment. And doing so in such a manner that the Republicans need only use your words and conclusions to successfully make the case against the Democratic Party and our candidates - incumbents or new Democrat-Progressives - in the upcoming primaries and general election this Fall. With your help, the Republicans can win in the Fall! Don't play into that trap - please!!

Regardless how difficult, I respectfully encourage CREDO Action, Firedoglake, and other wonderfully committed, progressive-democratic organizations to rethink your strategies on how you publicly frame and ultimately share your understandable frustration with the Administration. But never forget, a loss for this Democratic Administration and the Democratic Party in general, is a loss for CREDO Action.

Republicans don't need your help to soil or otherwise weaken the Democratic Party's image and mass appeal. And the Republican Party WILL NOT embrace any of your issues if they increase or take control of Congress - on that you can be sure!

Therefore, I respectfully suggest you take a deep breath and think harder to finds ways to successfully strengthen and align the work of this Administration and the Democratic Party with your goals. I believe CREDO Action can ultimately find an avenue to follow that can move the Administration closer to your goals without destroying the control Democrats currently hold over two of the three pillars of power in our Republic; namely, the Legislative and Executive branches of our government.

There must be a win-win solution out there. As people and organizations with shared values and hopes for our country, let's seek and find it together.

For more on CREDO Action, check them out on-line at:

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally - Financial Reform - And Democrats Delivered It!

Stay on top of what the Obama Administration is doing on behalf of the American public.  Read the White House website for the official version of this Administration's position on Bills and other initiatives. 

Then, of course you should seek additional sources to augment your knowledge and understanding.  BUT start with the White House version! Don't just read what media outlets, talking heads and pundits say and accept how they frame the issues.  Be an informed citizen and voter!  If you aren't, the Republic is at risk of failure through our own ignorance and penchant for arguing from an UNINFORMED position or perspective.

The stakes are too high to be uninformed.  Democrats must be informed and engaged if we are to hold the House and Senate this Fall - WHICH WE CAN DO IF WE STICK TOGETHER AND VOTE FOR THE BEST DEMOCRATS on ballots across this country.

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

Take a moment and read the Vice President's comments on the Financial Reform Bill...

Friday, July 16, 2010

President and America Get Wall Street Refom

Wall Street reform was a hard fought battle.  Like most other Bills, Democrats didn't get all we wanted and had to settle for some things we didn't want.  However, this is still much better than the "business as usual" the other side seemed hell-bent on having.

Check out the video of the Presidents remarks on this critical milestone

Americans should pause a moment and really take in all the positive, forward movement on the economic recovery front (albeit slow), health care advances and now financial reforms that have happened on this President's watch. This President is not afraid of the difficult choices and the unpopular nature of some decisions in the eyes of some people. Rather, he is committed to moving the ball forward on the many fronts he pledged during his campaign - some of which have been painful to experience. Not every bill passed or budget approved have been perfect or easy to accept, but they have been necessary!

Stand with the President and Democratic Party, it's still the best political team we've got!

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!!!

US Senate Candidate Comparisons from Florida Trends

Check out the simple comparisons of the four, major candidates running for US Senate from Florida.

Remember - only a Democrat can truly advance and support the overarching and bedrock policies, values, practices and preferences of the Democratic party. We may not all agree on every detail or point of emphasis on every issue...but Democratic principles in general still trump those of the other political parties. 

The best way to keep those principles in play is to elect Democrats...not recently returned to the Party Democrats, nor, non-affiliated, former Republicans....but rather long serving Democrats.  There's only one of those in the US Senate race in Florida!! But let's be clear....we want a Democrat to win in the Fall General Election.

Check out the comparisons at: and Government&rName=Capitol Trend&whatID=1&aID=53179

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Health Car Reform is Working.......

Check out this update on the outcomes to date of the health care reform initiative.  In spite of what was not in the legislation, lots of needed change s have gone live and literally thousands of Americans are getting the relief they needed. has been tracking results.  Check out their recent letter to members and friends.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Get The Facts on How Health Care Refom Impacts You

The Obama Adminstration has been accused of doing too much too fast.  Nonetheless, lots of good measures have been passed since he took office.  Let's embrace positive movement on critical issues...even if we don't get all that we want the first time around.  Politics will always play too heavy a role in US governance.  But that's where well informed voters can make a difference.

Don't rely exclusively on the media and others to explain how health care, Wall Street and other reform efforts work.  At least educate yourself on the plans that are approved so you'll have a solid grasp of the issues at hand.  To aid this educational process on health care reform, the Administration has launched a website to help you know the facts.  Start there.  Then seek out other resources you trust to balance out your understanding of what's what!  But don't knock a plan if you don't know the plan.  That doesn't help anyone.

For the details on health care reform and its impacts, go to:

An informed voter is the best voter.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's The Latest on Repubilcan Scandals and Candidates?

It seems there's always something Republican elected officials and candidates are linked to that gives most voters cause to pause.  Whether it's questionable uses of credit cards, changing party affiliations mid-stream, back-room business deals or whatever...the time is NOW to work to send Democratic candidates to our State Legislature as well as Washington DC. 
Stay informed.  Check out the FDP's June newsletter.  Go to: FDP Newsletter June 25, 2010.

AND - get engaged with your local DEC Precinct and District. Plan now to vote in the upcoming primary and general elections.  Set aside some personal time to phonebank and/or canvass for Democratic candidates.  Finally, skip a favorite beverage, give up lunch or dinner out once a week and re-direct those funds to the campaign for your favorite Democratic candidate for office.  You won't miss the treats much, but you'll greatly help usher in the change needed both in Florida State government and our National affairs.

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!