Friday, July 16, 2010

US Senate Candidate Comparisons from Florida Trends

Check out the simple comparisons of the four, major candidates running for US Senate from Florida.

Remember - only a Democrat can truly advance and support the overarching and bedrock policies, values, practices and preferences of the Democratic party. We may not all agree on every detail or point of emphasis on every issue...but Democratic principles in general still trump those of the other political parties. 

The best way to keep those principles in play is to elect Democrats...not recently returned to the Party Democrats, nor, non-affiliated, former Republicans....but rather long serving Democrats.  There's only one of those in the US Senate race in Florida!! But let's be clear....we want a Democrat to win in the Fall General Election.

Check out the comparisons at: and Government&rName=Capitol Trend&whatID=1&aID=53179

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

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