Friday, July 2, 2010

Get The Facts on How Health Care Refom Impacts You

The Obama Adminstration has been accused of doing too much too fast.  Nonetheless, lots of good measures have been passed since he took office.  Let's embrace positive movement on critical issues...even if we don't get all that we want the first time around.  Politics will always play too heavy a role in US governance.  But that's where well informed voters can make a difference.

Don't rely exclusively on the media and others to explain how health care, Wall Street and other reform efforts work.  At least educate yourself on the plans that are approved so you'll have a solid grasp of the issues at hand.  To aid this educational process on health care reform, the Administration has launched a website to help you know the facts.  Start there.  Then seek out other resources you trust to balance out your understanding of what's what!  But don't knock a plan if you don't know the plan.  That doesn't help anyone.

For the details on health care reform and its impacts, go to:

An informed voter is the best voter.

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