Thursday, July 22, 2010

A More Perfect Way Forward

Below is a response to a recent e-mail sent by CREDO Action - a strong, grassroots, progressive organization that I respect!

July 22, 2010

On balance I support the work of CREDO Action. I have signed on-line petitions, letters, etc. I have also forwarded countless items to friends, family and colleagues. I have also posted CREDO Action items to my personal Facebook Page.

I am concerned, however, that due to rising disagreement with some actions, inaction, positions on issues, etc. of the Obama Administration, CREDO Action seems to be increasingly more an attack voice than advocate of the Administration. No matter what your differences are with the Obama Administration, on balance, it's still more aligned with bedrock democratic principles than the Republican Party will ever be.

Although not perfect, the many significant accomplishments of this Administration, just two years into it's tenure, have been unparalleled in many ways to previous Administrations. The sheer magnitude, diversity and complexity of the challenges facing our country are staggering, overdue for attention and very little time left to correct the messes. Add to this, the reality of an extremely over-polarized Congress and a Democratic Caucus that can't seem to work together in the Senate, and you have a situation worthy of concern but not contempt.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to see organizations such as CREDO Action seeming to place their own agendas and time lines for action/accomplishment - alb them laudable in many instances - above the realities of the difficulties to govern in a highly charged political environment. And doing so in such a manner that the Republicans need only use your words and conclusions to successfully make the case against the Democratic Party and our candidates - incumbents or new Democrat-Progressives - in the upcoming primaries and general election this Fall. With your help, the Republicans can win in the Fall! Don't play into that trap - please!!

Regardless how difficult, I respectfully encourage CREDO Action, Firedoglake, and other wonderfully committed, progressive-democratic organizations to rethink your strategies on how you publicly frame and ultimately share your understandable frustration with the Administration. But never forget, a loss for this Democratic Administration and the Democratic Party in general, is a loss for CREDO Action.

Republicans don't need your help to soil or otherwise weaken the Democratic Party's image and mass appeal. And the Republican Party WILL NOT embrace any of your issues if they increase or take control of Congress - on that you can be sure!

Therefore, I respectfully suggest you take a deep breath and think harder to finds ways to successfully strengthen and align the work of this Administration and the Democratic Party with your goals. I believe CREDO Action can ultimately find an avenue to follow that can move the Administration closer to your goals without destroying the control Democrats currently hold over two of the three pillars of power in our Republic; namely, the Legislative and Executive branches of our government.

There must be a win-win solution out there. As people and organizations with shared values and hopes for our country, let's seek and find it together.

For more on CREDO Action, check them out on-line at:

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

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