Friday, July 16, 2010

President and America Get Wall Street Refom

Wall Street reform was a hard fought battle.  Like most other Bills, Democrats didn't get all we wanted and had to settle for some things we didn't want.  However, this is still much better than the "business as usual" the other side seemed hell-bent on having.

Check out the video of the Presidents remarks on this critical milestone

Americans should pause a moment and really take in all the positive, forward movement on the economic recovery front (albeit slow), health care advances and now financial reforms that have happened on this President's watch. This President is not afraid of the difficult choices and the unpopular nature of some decisions in the eyes of some people. Rather, he is committed to moving the ball forward on the many fronts he pledged during his campaign - some of which have been painful to experience. Not every bill passed or budget approved have been perfect or easy to accept, but they have been necessary!

Stand with the President and Democratic Party, it's still the best political team we've got!

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!!!

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