Monday, September 15, 2014

Koch Brothers' dollars to Scott | September 14, 2014 | Jeremy Wallace | HT Politics

Koch Brothers' dollars to Scott / September 14, 2014 | Jeremy Wallace | HT Politics

Big money in politics seems to be here to stay.  Both Political Parties do well overall.  Although the Koch brothers are in a league of their own when it comes to funding individual races.

But Democrats who don't always keep pace, dollar to dollar, have relied on voter turnout to push them over the top in districts not gerrymandered to the advantage of Republicans.

Democratic voters must not let an imbalance of funding support dissuade us from going to the polls in record numbers this Fall.  If we do that, we can win and win where it counts - the US Senate races.  We have a real shot at holding all our seats and picking up formerly solid red seats. We can't let FOX News personalities and misleading accounts and other conservative talking heads convince us Democrats are behind and a Republican wave is immanent. If we do, they'll win!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointing fewer black judges than predecessors | Tampa Bay Times

Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointing fewer black judges than predecessors | Tampa Bay Times

Rick Scott is not serious about appointing Blacks to judgeships.  His appointments to date are fewer than the two immediate past governors - both of whom were Republican. The appointments Scott has made have not been to the more prestigious trail court levels, but rather hearing job-related injury cases, small claims and traffic cases.

Does he question the ability of Black attorneys to handle more challenging trail court cases? Huuumm!

we must get Scott out of office.  The next governor will have the opportunity to replace 4 of the 9 State Supreme Court justices.  We can't allow Scot to stack the High Court with ultra-conservative jurists who will control the judiciary for decades to come!

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

Abortion debate shows women key to Florida governor election

Abortion debate shows women key to Florida governor election |

The abortion debate may prove to be a critical factor in turnout for this Fall's election for Governor in Florida.

As was the case in 2008 and again 2012, women in Florida, along with Blacks and other voters of color, were central in the election and reelection of President Obama. The race for Governor may turn on these same constituent groups.  The respectable edge among women voters currently enjoyed by Charlie Crist, added to a larger than normal turnout in the African American community can return Crist tot he Governor's seat.

The question is will these dependable constituent groups turn out, and turnout in huge numbers?

A number of leaders in women's groups are betting the abortion issue will energize and otherwise modestly excited female base.

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!