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Koch Brothers' dollars to Scott | September 14, 2014 | Jeremy Wallace | HT Politics

Koch Brothers' dollars to Scott / September 14, 2014 | Jeremy Wallace | HT Politics

Big money in politics seems to be here to stay.  Both Political Parties do well overall.  Although the Koch brothers are in a league of their own when it comes to funding individual races.

But Democrats who don't always keep pace, dollar to dollar, have relied on voter turnout to push them over the top in districts not gerrymandered to the advantage of Republicans.

Democratic voters must not let an imbalance of funding support dissuade us from going to the polls in record numbers this Fall.  If we do that, we can win and win where it counts - the US Senate races.  We have a real shot at holding all our seats and picking up formerly solid red seats. We can't let FOX News personalities and misleading accounts and other conservative talking heads convince us Democrats are behind and a Republican wave is immanent. If we do, they'll win!

The only thing that counts in an elections are the number of votes cast.  Let's make sure we turnout, big, this Fall.  It is not the norm during the mid-term elections and especially the 6th year of governing by the same Party to have a winning election cycle.  Well, let' blow that historical fact out of the water.

Commit yourself to helping get out the Democratic voters in November.  Make sure they vote the entire ballot, not just the top of the ticket.  In many municipalities there are district attorneys, public defenders, state representatives and senators, City Council seats, school board positions, various commissioners and judgeships on the ballot.  ALL of these races are important.  We must support Democrats up and down the ticket everywhere!  And, if a race has no Democrat running, evaluate the candidates and vote for the candidate that best aligns with our values.  In some cases it's an Independent candidate.  In other cases you may have to do what was done in MS - where allowed, vote for a specific Republican candidate to keep a bad Republican candidate out of office. 

It's your call.

Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

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