Sunday, July 27, 2014

Strategic Voting Can Be Smart A Vote: How Blacks Changed the GOP Game

Black is the New Black: How Blacks Changed the GOP Game | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS

Mississippi Black Democrats showed that a strategic approach to voting can be a winning approach.  After a limited number of Black Democrats voted in the recent primary election for US Senate, a huge 'get-out-the-vote' effort in the runoff election proved to be strategic genius!  It could be a victory that keeps the US Senate a "friendly" chamber for President Obama.

In a state where Democrats are hard-pressed to win statewide races, a more, strategic voting strategy by Democrats during primaries and runoff elections could prove to be a backdoor to leveraged political clout in MS and other states with open primaries. It's also true that in MS, Democrat and Republican politicians, business leaders and community leaders often work collaboratively behind the scenes. If past work-product of bi-partisan efforts has been good for MS and her citizens, what would happen if this cooperation where transparent and supported by all parties concerned?  Could it be even better for MS?  I wonder......

When in doubt...Vote Smart - VOTE BLUE!

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