Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Smoking Gun Emails Released in Texas Gerrymandering Trial

Smoking Gun Emails Released in Texas Gerrymandering Trial

Looks like these e-mails point out how once again the Republican's so-called "interest" in minority voters, in this case Hispanics, is simply one of how best to limit or mitigate Hispanic voting influence overall and actually work against them all the while suggesting they - the GOP - wants them (Hispanics) to feel welcome in the GOP - NOT.

The e-mails seem to make clear the GOP's primary interest was to isolate and group Hispanics with the lowest voter turnout histories into districts that give them the majority of voters. This way they could say we gave you your own districts; but also be able to laugh about the fact that the district voters would rarely vote en masse.  How cynical!

And just think, these are the types of actions that would have required US government pre-approval review under the section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that was gutted by the Supreme Court.

Voting rights are under heavy assault by many of the GOP lead State Houses around the country. We must vote in solidarity to change the make-up of State Houses AND the federal representatives as well.  There are 8 toss-up states for the Senate - 6 of the seats are currently held by Democrats. We must help fund their races and the get out the vote in those states to win them back and take the two that are held by Republicans. Check out WWW.REALCLEARPOLITICS.COM . No candidate in any toss-up state is more than 2 points behind the leader - so we can win these states folks!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

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