Sunday, July 6, 2014

Black and HIspanic Voters Matters In Mid-Term Elections Even if They're Not In Every Critical State

Even if Blacks and Hispanics represent a small percentage of eligible voters in some of the key battleground states in this Midterm election cycle, we must continue to register and turnout to vote. 

Whether it's a local, statewide or national election, the minority vote and voice is critical to help shape the debate and influence outcomes. In Midterm elections where the turnout is usually lower, a strong turnout by voters of color can tilt the outcomes easily.  We must become more strategic and consistent with our voting practices.

Don't let the pundits' views on voter "numbers" and "percentages" and what they mean unduly convince us there is no hope. Voting is the chief lever for leveling the playing field and having our voices heard!

Vote smart - VOTE BLUE!

Influence Of Black, Hispanic Voters Smaller In Mid-Term Elections | Black Politics on the Web

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