Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't Give Up!

The recent posts in newspapers and political websites across the country continuously tell s how much money the Koch brothers and other supporters of Republican candidates and causes are spending to but the 2014 elections....especially the Congressional seats and particularly the Senate.  But remember, money helps, but ultimately it's the votes cast that count! 
Don’t let reports of Republican big money spending dampen your resolve to vote and getting others to do the same. Democrats can win elections if Party members GO VOTE. 

And, make sure the faith-community helps seniors and the “shut-ins” either file for Vote-by-Mail ballots or get taken to the polls for early voting or on Election Day.  Help register new voters.  All these efforts can work together to win elections. 

It was the ground game to get voters to the polls that one it for President Obama both times.  If done again in 2014 for all Democratic candidates in every local, state and national election, Democrats will win again. 
So you see, the issue isn’t whether or not Democrats CAN do it….but rather, WILL they do it? 

Fired up – ready to win!

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