Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's Make It Work

Recently several news articles have suggested some Republican Congressional leaders have made statements that seem to be positive with regard to programs and legislation advanced by the POTUS. However, when pressed by members of the "far-right" in their Party, they have tried to "walk back" their positions and statements. Whether on the stalling of immigration legislation or the permanent state of the Affordable Care Act, Republican leaders who dare speak truth to power, crumble in the face of public challenge from the 'right'. 

If this country is ever going to move forward on many of the fronts the American people believe are necessary and right, leaders and members of both major political parties must commit to making it work - together.

A national jobs bill and fair wages should not be a tough issue to pass.  Fair-minded elected officials ought be able to identify reasonable and appropriate adjustments to entitlements that don't harm citizens in the middle or lower end of the economic ladder, while not inflicting pain on those on the upper end of the scale. An equitable pathway to citizenship - which by the way - is a pathway to paying taxes too, should not be rocket science.  And speaking of science, environmentally friendly practices and economic growth can coexist in a market-based economy. Finally, we ought to be able balance equal opportunity and fairness for all within our policies and practices around race and ethnicity.

Let's make it work folks!

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