Sunday, May 2, 2010

FL State 2010 Legislative Session - What' Going On?

Well, it's over...or is it?

The session may be over, but not the impact of the $70 billion dollar budget that passed.  By the way, what do we get for this investment of taxpayers hard earned dollars?

Are decisions final?  Well, after passing, SB6 was vetoed by Governor Crist.  Will this stop the Republicans who are fuming over the veto from pursuing wrong-headed legislation next session?  Not likely. 

What about the raiding of the Transportation Trust Fund - good idea or not?  Can funding gimmicks like raiding State trust funds be sustained over time and Florida survive, let alone grow and prosper? So, has the practice of robbing Peter to pay Paul become the defacto road map for state funding and operations? Is anyone concerned about these practices?  At any rate, it really is time to change the leadership specifically and political party in general that now controls the governance and future direction of Florida and our voice at the national level.

But, remember, whether it's local or state-wide elections, supporting a Republican turned Independent is not necessarily the answer either.  Supporting Democrats is the answer. 

For a look at how the local pressed summed up the 2010 session, go to:  If you disagree with the characterizations, write the editor.  Make sure your voice is heard. Also, go to some of the political sources in the "Hot Links" section of this blog to see what Democrats are saying on a full range of topics.

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