Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vote By Mail Rules Change - 2 Cycle Request is Repealed

A recent message from the Florida Democratic County Chairs Association (DCCA) states that the absentee ballot provision that was good for all elections through the next regularly scheduled general elections has been repealed.  The Bill was CS/CS/HS 131.  With this change, the shift may challenge eligibility to receive an absentee ballot for those who who are on their second general election under the prior law.

Please check with your local Supervisor of Elections Office for more information.  and, make sure voters in your DEC Districts and Precincts are aware of the details of the shift.  We can't allow a Vote By Mail rule change to negatively impact our ability to get out the vote! Stay informed and and tell others.

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From a DCCA update...........

Changes in absentee ballot provisions contained in CS/CS/HS 131:

CS/CS/HB 131 repeals the requirement applicable to absent voters that one absentee ballot application is good for all elections through the next two regularly scheduled general elections. The bill limits a request for an absentee ballot to elections through the next regularly scheduled general election. [Lines 192-201] {This may require an assessment of who is eligible to receive an absentee ballot during this election cycle for persons on the second general election under the prior law.}

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