Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FL AFL-CIO Supports A New Voice for Tallahassee

US Senate Candidate, Kendrick Meek, was not the only political candidate supported by the AFL-CIO at their convention in Jacksonville last week-end.

On Sunday, Amy Mercado, a hard-working mother, wife and daughter of a union house-hold also walked away with full endorsement from the AFL-CIO.  The FL Education Association endorsed her earlier, on Saturday. She has a growing wind at her back!

Amy is running for the House District 35.  She is challenging the powerful Speaker Designate, Dean Cannon.  A bold, but necessary move.  We need more Democrats to run for elective office in order to balance the power and influence of the Republican Party in the life and livelihood of Florida citizens.  Amy, like US Senate Candidate, Meek and a growing number of Democratic candidates in Duval County, collected enough signatures via petition to be on the ballot.

Visit her website at: http://www.amymercado.com and learn more about the candidate and her campaign for changing the face, tone and direction in District 35 and the State of Florida.  As a matter of fact, learn more about all the Democratic candidates for office state-wide. Democrats can win in Florida if we know our candidates and go out and vote!

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