Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pick Ourselves Up, Dust Ourselves Off and Start All Over Again!

We didn't win big like many Duval County Democrats had hoped.  However, overall voter turnout doubled from 24%`to 48%.  A quick review of data on the 256 precincts shows 100 precincts had a turnout of at least 50%.  Another 99 were between 40 - 49 %.  And only 57 were below 40% - and 36 of those were 35% or higher.  Go to the Duval County Supervisor of Elections website to review the details of all election results.

Although Kendrick Meek did not prevail in his US Senate race, he beat Charlie Crist in Duval County.  Additionally, the precincts he won were the lion-share of those won by Alex Sink in her bid to become Florida's next governor.  Sink only managed to win two dozen or so precincts outside the precincts won by Meek.

Disappointed?  Yes.  But not deterred. 

Democrats can win if we work more collaboratively, expand our planning timeline, strengthen volunteer training, increase and leverage our financial resources, enlarge our base of supporters and ultimately turnout 60% of our registered voters!

All of this is achievable.  Especially with the fantastic volunteers who turned out to support the Democratic ticket all across Florida and certainly here in Duval County....we couldn't have done all we did without YOU!

We need all of the volunteers to stay with the Party and also join the Duval County Democratic Executive Committee (DCDEC) as we work to build greater organizational capacity and success.

But now, we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again...we have some local races to win early next year...namely, the Jacksonville Mayor's Office

So, let's get BACK IN IT TO WIN IT!

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