Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vote The Democratic Ticket on November 2!

It all boils down to who you vote for.....Come November 2, if all Duval County Democrats vote the straight Party ticket -  AND THAT INCLUDES KENDRICK MEEK as well as Alex Sink - our Party can win and win big here.  If Democrats repeat the strategy across the state, we can win everywhere else, too!

Don't defeat ourselves by believing Meek can't win....he can if Democrats vote for him - it's that simple. 

Now, if Democrats just don't want to vote for him - then own it!  But the Party candidate for US Senate from Florida is KENDRICK MEEK - the ONLY DEMOCRAT in the race.......

Vote A Democratic ticket on November 2 and Democrats will win!

We can do this!!!

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

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