Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Wind is at Our Back!

E-mails, US mail, phone banks and word of mouth actions have all combined to give life and energy to many of us who are backing the Democratic ticket in Florida and around the country.  It's exciting to be on a roll!!

We are not letting the Republican rhetoric of mis-truths, mis-statements and mis-characterizations stop our plan to hold on to the United States House and Senate in DC and take over the Governor's seat and other key positions in Tallahassee. 

Democrats are coming out to Early Vote.  Democrats are canvassing. Democrats are phone banking,  And Democrats are talking to work colleagues, family members, church friends and anyone else who'll listen!  We are determined to spread the color blue all around the state of Florida.

Don't count Democrats out!  Rather, join the fight to win by calling the Duval County DEC - or your County DEC - and volunteer to help Democrats win.  Put out your yard signs.  Get your bumper stickers on your cars, front doors and notebooks.  Wear your Party t-shirts and caps.  Make your intentions to win known.

And, of course VOTE.  Early Vote began on October 18 in Florida.  Vote early so you can help get others to the polls on November 2!

If Democrats vote - up and down the ballot and all around the State - Democratic candidates will win and win big!

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

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