Friday, October 15, 2010

We Can Win This Thing!

The Democratic Party has many strong constituent groups, working class Americans (union and non-union), woman, environmentalists, people of color and more.  It is true the African-American community remains a staunch supporter. 

Once again this demographic seems positioned to help deliver victory in this Fall's elections.  This writer, is beating that they will deliver.  Not because "all is well" in the Party with regard to relations, but because most Democratic African-Americans believe in the principles, practices and values long held by the Party and will fight for them! And, Blacks aren't the only group of supporters who feel this way.  Ask women.  Ask Latinos.  Ask union workers!

A recent article in Black Politics stresses how African-Americans will be pivotal in at least 20 Congressional races across the country.  But, ALL, constituents must turnout in high numbers to cinch the deal. We must focus on what unites us as a Party - not what separates us. 

Don't buy into the hype about a Republican "takeover".  If you do, you'll help it happen.  Just remember, if Democrats vote for Democrats, Democratic candidates win!

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

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