Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bright Spot in Tuesday's Election

We won and won big on Amendments 5 & 6!

If the League of Women Voters - Florida can hang in there for 30 years on an issue they believe in, then Democrats in Duval County and Florida can do the same when it comes to winning elections.

Back in it to WIN it!

Subject: Victory on Amendments 5 and 6!

Dear League Supporter,

Yesterday, Floridians sent a clear message to Tallahassee through their passage of Amendments 5 and 6. By a decisive victory of over 62%, Florida's voters claimed the right to pick their elected officials instead of allowing those officials to claim their own re-election. The League has worked on this issue for thirty years and, to paraphrase Susan B. Anthony, "failure was not an option"!

On behalf of our board and the citizens of Florida, I extend my heartiest thanks to you for your persistence, your passion, your endless volunteer hours, and your contributions to make this dream a reality. We can all be proud of our efforts!

But make no mistake...the battle is not over. We must remain vigilant to ensure the public is involved in the redistricting process, and that these new rules are followed. With your help, we will press ahead for a Florida government that is truly 'for the people.'

In League,
Deirdre Macnab

LWVF would like to send a special recognition to Campaign Chair, Ellen Freidin, as well as to the rest of the Fair Districts Coalition team: Pam Goodman, LWVF Fair Districts Chair; Caroline Emmons Schramm; Corrine Miller; ALL of our indefatigable local League presidents; our partners at the NAACP, Democracia Ahora, and AARP; and all of you for your willingness to fight to the end for fair representation for all Floridians...THANK YOU!

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