Sunday, November 7, 2010

President Obama Should Hold Tough to His Policies

The recent election wins by the Republicans should be no reason for President Obama to automatically back off his policies that many Americans support and need.  The health care bill helps Americans with pre-existing illnesses secure and keep coverage.  College kids can remain on their parents' policies.  And there are positive adjustments to the infamous 'doughnut hole' challenge.  These and other changes in the education and financial reform legislation, along with multiple tax cuts for small businesses have all helped to get America and many Americans back on track - albeit at a slow pace.  

Republicans succeeded in mis-characterizing many of these accomplishments. The Republican threats to repeal much of these accomplishments spells disaster for American moving forward.  They must be stopped.

The President must stand firm on many fronts and the American people must stand with him. We can not sink back into the hurtful policies of the past which gave private business special interest groups too much power to keep main street Americans down and out while adding significant wealth to those already at the top who, by comparison, need very little help.

Back in it to WIN it!

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