Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stop the Give-a-ways

A quick read of today's Florida Times-Union shows our local and state elected officials continue to have a love affair with giving away our tax dollars to corporations. Even though some of the recent bills have failed - or not moved forward in one or the other legislative chambers in Tallahassee - our State Republican leaders remain cozy with businesses often at the expense of our citizens. According to one article, Rep. Lake Ray (R - Jax) lost his fight to get a $500 million bill to aid expansion of Florida's ports. A smaller, $100 million dollar version which calls for tax credits reducing the premium taxes they would otherwise pay passed the House. Funding would be from State encouraged investments from insurance companies. A Ray-sponsored aviation-related bill to exempt hangars used for aircraft manufacturing and assembly from state laws that pay for road construction when over capacity. See Business Section, front page, above the fold. In another article on the same page, the steel mill tax break move pushed by Jacksonville City Councilman, Ray Holt which would have waived $3.5 million dollars in public service taxes for electricity use will be withdrawn. When the cities and the state need revenue, give-aways seem wrong-headed unless they can generate revenues to off-set the tax loss. If current elected officials can't see that - let's change them. Vote blue!

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!!!

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