Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Duval County and Florida Democrats Should Keep The Faith!

According to early news reports. Duval County voter turnout was around 22%.  In spite of a low voter turnout in Duval County, a very talented and impressive slate of strong Democrats have advanced to the General Elections in November.  Lead by Alex Sink, Dan Gelber, Kendrick Meek and Corrine Brown, Democrats have an excellent chance to change the face of leadership in Tallahassee and maintain control in Washington DC.  But only if Democrats 'keep the faith'.

To view election outcomes in your area, check out your Supervisor of Elections website.  In Duval County, click here

State-wide, more Republicans turned out to vote this cycle than Democrats.  However, Democrats have 70 plus days to fire up our voters and get them to cast their vote in the General Election.  We can register more new voters.  We can help voters register to 'vote by mail' for those voters who are unlikely or unable to go to the polls in November.  We can implement 'get out the vote' (GOTV)strategies to get more voters to the polls on election day. And, we must not underestimate the unshakable commitment and sustained political engagement of the Florida Young Democrats. 

We must not let comments by political pundits and talking heads or media news reports about potential Republican takeovers in the US House and Senate through Democrats off our game.  Don't fall victim to these influences at the local level either!  Democrats must stay focused on what it takes to win - and that's voter turnout.

If pundits declare the opposition candidate a winner in a debate - so what - JUST VOTE BLUE! 

If political talking heads speculate that a three-way race for Florida's US Senate seat positions Governor Crist to pick-off Democratic voters  - so what - JUST VOTE BLUE!

If political experts and strategists suggest Democrats believe in socialism - reject that claim.  Tell them that Democrats believe in SHARED RESPONSIBILITY...then VOTE BLUE in November!

If Florida Democrats turnout to vote, and vote the entire ballot, Democratic candidates will win.

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!

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