Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Florida Wins Race to the Top Grant

Florida secures a "Race to the Top" award in the second round of funding from the US Department of Education. Click here to read the article in The Washington Post

Now, all we need is to give Democrats control of our State Legislature to best manage the money and educational reforms needed to ensure the future and vitality of our State and our citizens!  We know what Republican leaders in Tallahassee want to do about teachers and their pay - remember SB 6?  Well, it was rejected by working and retired educators, union workers, many citizens and the sitting Governor!  We can't trust them to do the right thing with the "Race to the Top" dollars.

Let's take back the Florida Legislature and the Governor's Office this Fall.  Vote today for all the top Democrats on Florida ballot.  Then vote again in November!  If the majority of FL Democrats vote - Democrats win in Florida.  That's how it works!

Take someone to the Polls before they close today!

Fired Up - Ready to WIN!!!!!

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