Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diversity Matters!

According to the recent Census data, communities of color made up roughly 85% of the US population growth in the last decade.  The percent is higher for the under-18 population group.  Thus, ensuring a larger Democratic voice in future elections if voter registration patterns continue to favor Democrats among the top two, fastest growing minority groups - Hispanics and Blacks.  But how will this fact play out in the upcoming redistricting process soon to launch across the United States? 

Florida is among several states to have increased representation in the US Congress due to Census data. However, the question remains, how will the Republican-lead government leaders try to influence the process in Tallahassee?

Democrats have long championed the causes of equal and civil rights for all Americans.  And we have the right ideas when it comes to a "path to citizenship" for undocumented people living in America. Given these facts, we should focus our voter registration and education efforts accordingly. 

We must start now to consistently and convincingly present our Party as best one and the right one for these emerging leaders, consumers, workforce contributors, voters and donors.  If successful, the Party will be unstoppable!

Back in it to WIN it!

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