Friday, February 4, 2011

Unemployment Moving Down - Celebrate the Good News!

Let's rejoice with the good news about the unemployment rate going down.  Let's also count the steady, albeit modest, increases in new jobs.  Just think, not that long ago we were loosing jobs at the rate of several hundred thousand per month!  Any gain is better than the huge losses suffered at the height of the recession.

But face it, the Congressional Republicans seem to miss the point and have mislead the public.  They campaigned on a promise to make job creation their number one priority.  But they haven't focused their energy and actions that way.  No job creation bills have been introduced; rather, they have spent their first 30 days passing "show only" votes to undo many of the hard fought bills to help the American people passed by the Democrats - chief among them, health care.  Tell Republicans to keep their word and work with the President to create jobs!

Back in it to WIN it!

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