Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are The Repubilcans Serious?

Is there no end to bad ideas coming from the Republican leadership in Tallahassee?  Check out the latest proposal which is opposed by AARP-FL as evidenced in their e-mail blast below.

Then, go "early vote" in the Jacksonville Unitary elctions so we can send some Democrats to office in our city/county.

Back in it to WIN it!

From AARP - Florida:

The Florida Senate is poised to vote this week on a harmful proposal (SJR 958) that could hurt Florida's already struggling public schools, undermine our infrastructure, slow our economic rebound and put decisions about Florida's state budget on autopilot – preventing Florida elected officials from having to take responsibility for state budget decisions.

The idea is called the Florida “Smart Cap.” In fact it's a “dunce cap.” It takes legislators' judgment and voters' input out of state budget-making decisions and binds Florida to a rigid formula based on growth in population plus inflation. Leading Florida newspapers say it's a high-risk strategy. Call 1- 888-222-4121 to speak toll-free with your legislator about this issue.

This is a solution searching fruitlessly for a problem. Florida already has a constitutional revenue cap, which limits state revenues based on Floridians' personal income. Through fiscally conservative management, Florida has never exceeded this cap. Measured as a percentage of personal income, Florida's state tax burden ranks 46th among the 50 states, fourth-lowest in America.

This proposal asks Florida voters to buy into a risky experiment so far enacted in only one state, Colorado. A cap there used a very similar formula, based strictly on growth in population plus inflation.

Results included crumbling infrastructure, disinvestment in education and gaps in even common-sense public health programs like children's vaccinations. Exasperated Colorado voters put the formula on hold for five years. To stop this disaster from happening in Florida, call 1- 888-222-4121to speak toll-free with your legislator.

Last week, a respected national expert from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated Florida taxpayers could shoulder an additional $35 million a year in borrowing costs as soon as the first year after enactment, even before SJR 958 goes into effect. Lenders demand higher rates when lending to risky borrowers, like Florida would become.

Opposition to SJR 958 is growing. Trusted voices like the League of Women Voters call it a “proven failure.”

Call 1- 888-222-4121 to be connected toll-free to your legislator about SJR 958 or go to to learn more.

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