Saturday, March 26, 2011

What To Expect in an Alvin Brown Administration

The best way to evaluate a candidate is through a careful evaluation of his/her positions on the "issues".  Issues are delineated best in the position papers or platform statements all candidates prepare. For a more comprehensive picture of Alvin Brown's position on his key issues, check out his website at www.alvinformayor.

It's fair to say that few candidates consistently present their full platform or the details of their key issues every time they speak publicly.  Whether it's at a press conference, in a debate, at a fund-raiser or a constituent 'meet and greet', most candidates - or elected officials - often find it necessary to abbreviate, omit or otherwise limit the number of issues they reference or the degree of details they share.  To balance this reality, candidates rely on their prepared position papers to provide the details on their issues.

Democrats have a real shot at ending two decades of Republican domination of the mayor's office in Jacksonville.  Learn more about Alvin's plans for our city and our future.  Go to www.alvinformayor.

Then, remember to take 10 friends and family members to the polls and vote May 17 - or Early Vote between May 2 - May 15!

Back in it to WIN

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  1. But, alas, we as peons can't. Why?? The filthy rich won't let U.S. - those on the top of the pyramid; they must keep stoking the flames of verbal abuse and dissent. Never ending. So, look-up, girl, and see the Son who burns-away everything distatefull on our journey to the Great Beyond. Love you. Meet me Upstairs.