Thursday, May 5, 2011

We Can Do This!

It seems daily there are moderate Republicans, Moran supporters and others shifting their support to Alvin Brown and away from Mike Hogan.  Fund-raisers held in a Avondale business, at Haskell Design-build complex to a private home in Arlington are the latest sites for unlikely citizens coming together to support Alvin Brown. 

When the candidate isn't closing deals at fund-raisers, he's soliciting and securing endorsements from business, community and social leaders across Duval County.  Alvin Brown is trying his best to live up to his commitment to be the Mayor of ALL Jacksonville citizens.  He continues to invite Hogan to give the citizens additional opportunities to see and listen to the candidate lay out their plans for moving Jacksonville forward. However, the invitations fall on deaf ears and disinterested hearts.  Instead, Hogan and select Party leaders seem to be circling the wagons around the money and power-elite Republicans who believe they and they alone know what's best for the City and residents of Duval County. 

Hogan and his inner circle don't want to publicly disclose and defend the details of The Hogan Bucket List of Cuts.  Their plan to win City Hall is to raise enough money to launch a stealth airways-attack and a direct-mail assault to Republicans and Independents with old-school sound-bites and old-days round-sounds with hopes enough people will want to win one more the Party and a legacy name.  NOT!

Jacksonville's future is AHEAD of us - not behind us!  Alvin's vision is realistic and forward thinking.  Hogan's view of Jacksonville is through his rear-view mirror.

Back in it to WIN it!

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