Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Praise The Progress

The achievement gap between Whites and students who are Black and Latino is still real.  However, a recent article on long-term academic progress has promising data for Black and Latino students.  Check it out.

Let's hope the trends are true for Jacksonville.  If so, then mayoral hopeful, Alvin Brown's goal to launch a massive effort to hire (from private funds) retired teachers to tutor youth at risk and others will leverage academic success locally and improve career opportunities and the quality of life for many residents. Jacksonville can do this!

With an educated citizenry, Brown's plans to help attract new and grow local businesses is doable.  Additionally, if we increase the number of educated youth, we will will decrease the number of youth engaged in criminal acts. It's a triple win. 

Alvin Brown has the right ideas and plans to move our city and citizens forward.  Vote Alvin Brown during Early Voting (May 2 - 15) or on Election Day, May 17.

Back in it to WIN it!

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