Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Republicans and the RNC Want Blacks - Really?

Republicans want to increase Black membership?  Really?  If this were true, the RNC and Party leaders in the US Congress, Governorships and State Legislatures around the country would not have a long history of fighting against many laws that were initiated to assist Blacks, women, Hispanics and the working poor.  Whether it's Voting Rights, Civil Rights (equal opportunity laws not hand outs), a woman's right to choose, collective bargaining (helps a lot of workers of color), FCC rules to aid minority ownership of media vehicles, race sensitive scholarships, the Dream ACT, even the very existence of a US Department of Education; Republicans have historically fought against many measures intended to do good for marginalized communities. 

Where has their concern been for the last many decades over the unemployment and under-employment rates in the Black community and other communities of color?  The unemployment rate for Blacks has always been higher than Whites and Republicans have been slow to push for meaningful solutions. 

What Republicans seek now is a minimal percentage shift of Black voters to their side to tip the scales in their favor.  A minimal shift of Black Christians (especially in Ohio) in the Bush-2 reelcetion bid helped a lot! 

Blacks, Hispanics, woman, young voters - all target populatins for both politcal parties should not be fooled by the Republicans' latest attempt to be inclusive.

Let's Do It Again - Re-Elect president Obama!

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