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This campaign is going to get rough and in some instances, dirty.  Don't let the Republican spin machine be your gauge on what the truth is with regard to what the Obama Aministration says, does, has done and/or plans to do. 

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Friend --

What a week -- Rick Santorum dropped out of the race, Mitt Romney continued to attack women's rights, and the Republican National Committee dropped an ad we absolutely have to debunk. On top of all that, Thursday marked the six-year anniversary of Mitt Romney's health reform in Massachusetts -- one of the models for Obamacare -- but you won't hear him taking any credit for it.

Check it out all in this week's tips:

#1 Video: Mitt Romney -- Memories to last a lifetime
With Rick Santorum leaving the GOP primary on Tuesday, it's almost certain that Mitt Romney will be the nominee. To commemorate the GOP primary, and remind people of the extreme positions Romney's taken over the course of it, we put together a short video laying out some of his most "severely conservative" moments. Check them out, then share them with anyone who still thinks he's a moderate:

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#2 Keeping his word: 5 ways our president supports economic opportunities for women
Governor Romney spent a good deal of this week attacking President Obama's economic record among women. President Obama has said, "Every decision I make is all about making sure ... all our daughters and all our sons grow up in a country that gives them the chance to be anything they set their minds to." That includes supporting economic policies that help women, like extending the payroll tax cut -- which helps 75 million women -- or granting more than 16,000 business loans to small businesses owned by women. Check out the top five ways our President has kept his word to women, then pass them on:
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#3 Fair Pay Act for women: Romney's campaign not sure he would've signed if president
The morning after Rick Santorum left the race, the Romney campaign was asked whether Romney supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps to ensure women can get equal pay for equal work. Their answer (which should've been a no brainer): "We'll get back to you on that." This is a basic step to stop pay discrimination in the workplace, the first bill President Obama signed into law in office -- and Romney's campaign isn't sure if their candidate would've signed it. We put together a short video, featuring Lilly Ledbetter, on why equal pay is "not Republican and it's not Democrat. It's civil rights." Watch it, and share it with folks who should see it, too:
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#4 The six-year anniversary of Romneycare (Where's the celebration?)
Exactly six years ago yesterday, Mitt Romney signed Massachusetts health reform, or Romneycare, into law. At the time he called it a model for the nation. Six years later, and you don't hear him celebrating it. Why? Because this godfather of Obamacare is promising to repeal national health reform on Day One in office. So much for a model for the nation. We put together a video explaining it -- check it out, pass it on, and make sure people know he's trying to take away the very protections he once fought for:
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#5 Debunk this new RNC ad
The Republican National Committee is out with a new ad smearing President Obama's record, saying he hasn't kept any of his promises from four years ago. You and I both know that's a lie, so we put together a charge-by-charge rebuttal of the ad, laying out exactly what our president has done. Check it out, and make sure none of the RNC's lies stick:
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#6 Fact check the Koch Brothers on Obamacare
The George Mason University Mercatus Center released a report this week claiming Obamacare will actually add to the deficit, to the tune of $340 billion. But don't for a minute believe that they don't have an agenda -- this center is primarily funded by the Koch brothers, and was founded by their chief lobbyist. A quick look at studies from actual non-partisan sources, like the Congressional Budget Office, back up what the President has said about Obamacare all along -- it will actually cut the deficit by $127 billion. Make sure their report doesn't pick up any steam -- share the truth:
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P.S. -- Now that Mitt Romney is almost surely our opponent, the race is on. We created this Facebook graphic for folks to say they've got our president's back. Share it on your wall here:
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