Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are We In It To Win It?

Every day we read or hear how tides are turning in the fund-raising arena for President Obama.  Mitt Romney and the Republicans are positioned to out-raise andout-spend President Obama in the run-up to the Fall election. 

We Democrats must decide whether or not we are "in it to win it?" To win it - we must fund it and then vote accordingly!  Anything less and the President and other Democrats will loose!

The re-election of President Obama is so much more than re-electing a person.  It's about re-electing the 'most correct' and 'best' set of values, policies and practices needed for our country and our citizens. The 'hope' many Americans felt when the President was elected was magical.  But, it was just a feeling.  It was not a guaranteed formula to bright about the change we all sought. 

That 'hope' needed support.  Support form Congress.  Support from corporations.  Support from individual citizens. One man alone could not move the entrenced machinery of Washington DC politics...even with the best of intentions, commitment and focus.  Even the cobbled together 60 votes between Democratic and Independent Senators was rarely sufficient to pass legislation in the first two years of the Administration without 'support' from a few Republicans.  Thus, how could anyone have thought or think "the change" we all sought and seek could actually come to pass if left to one man alone without help?  Especially when the Republican leadership in both chambers of Congress are committed to "stopping" this President.

That very same 'hope' still needs support.  Our support....yours and mine.  Our money and our vote.  Are you in it to win it?  I'm in!

Let's Do It Again. Re-Elect President Obama.

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