Saturday, June 30, 2012

The President Out-foxes Opposition Again!

The latest big win for the President helps college students with their loan debt and provides funds for higway construction jobs for Americans!The Bill is another effort by President Obama to help college students and put people to work across the states in highway construction jobs. 

Why then, is it so hard for people to support jobs and education Bills this President presents?  Some elected officials are angry about the plan to keep interest rates on education loans low on students while in school.  Others are mad the transportation part of the Bill didn't have more money set aside for infrastructure work - but it would mean raising gas-related taxes which no one wants to do.  But, many know it is necessary to raise taxes in some areas in order to put Americans back to work on projects the county needs.  And rest assured, if the Bill would not have passed, many would be complaining the President did too little and did not lead. 

Well, give the President credit for leading when he does get something passed with this grid-locked Congress.  Congratulations Mr. President on this Bill and The Affordable Health Care Act being sustained by the Supreme Court.  It was the President's knowledge of Constitutional Law that made sure the "Tax Clause" argument was the secondary rational cited in the government brief in defense of the Act.  He knew the opposition would only focus on the first defense stated in the brief - the Commerce Clause - and he was right.  He out-foxed the others AGAIN.  He knew the High Court would review the secondary defense if it found the first one to be insufficient and that's exactly what happened.  A true leader always has a fallback position!  You go Mr. President! 

Let's Do it Again - RE-Elect President Obama!

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