Monday, August 13, 2012

Richard's Take - A Must Read

If you want a really good sight line on the political race as it's shaping up and a good understanding of how the two main political parties work and what their candidates think and stand for, then check out Richard's Take

You may not agree with his sense of things, but, you'll be enlightened by his commentary for sure!

Richard's Take is refreshing an don point!


1) If as of today, 23 million people are out of work and there are only 3.5 million jobs currently available...then does that mean "full employment" is defined as 19.5 million unemployed people? 

2)What can the Republicans do beat President Obama's record of 24 straight months of positive job growth in the private sector? 

3 - 4) And, if they could do better, how long will it take before they surpass the Obama record and pace of  job growth?  Think about it, should we dumb the current growth record to have it stall out for 24 months or longer, just to reset the clock? 


Let's do it President Obama

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